[Event] Tohoku Region Update: First-Hand Insights on What's Being Done

Feb 01, 2017

Hear first-hand insights on what the Miyagi Prefecture is doing

to bring back American businesses six years after
The Great East Japan Earthquake. 



   February 21, 2017
   5:30-8:15 PM

   Japan Information Center
   737 N. Michigan Avenue, Ste 1000  
   Chicago, IL 60611


   Cost: FREE
   Seating Limited

  or call 
(312) 263-3049


   5:30 PM

   6:00 PM


   7:15 PM



      Ichiro Soné 
      Chief Executive Director, JETRO Chicago
      Yoshiyuki Takasago 
       Director-General, Commerce & Industry,
       Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department
       from the Miyagi Prefecture Government

      Robert Priddy 
       Engineering Lead, Atkins Nuclear Solutions US

Reception sponsored by the Consulate-General 
of Japan in Chicago


ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Welcome a Miyagi Prefecture Delegation

Since March 15, 2012, we have faithfully organized an annual program on the pace of recovery and the challenges that the Tohoku region faces since The Great East Japan Earthquake. Each and every program has featured authentic voices from Tohoku, the northeast region of Japan.

These voices are from Japanese and Americans who are contributing to the recovery; who can explain to us what their experiences have been and what their future expectations are for their region. For us in Chicago, it’s one way to keep in touch, to keep pace and importantly to keep strong our bond of friendship with Japan.

This will be our sixth annual program, TOHOKU UPDATE and it faithfully follows those programs that have set a precedent in presenting first-hand insights to the work that is being done to build a positive future. Please welcome and interact with our speakers especially our special guests from Miyagi, Japan.


Ichiro Soné, Chief Executive Director of JETRO Chicago

Ichiro Soné, the Chief Executive Director of JETRO Chicago, will set the pace and tone of the program by presenting you with an in-depth review of the progress of the economic and business recovery of the Tohoku region. He will also describe what many are calling a New Tohoku.


Yoshiyuki Takasago, Director-General, Commerce & Industry, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department from the Miyagi Prefecture Government

Yoshiyuki Takasago is the Director-General, Commerce and Industry, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department from the Miyagi Prefecture government. He will share with us his insights on the recovery and speak on the many business opportunities available.


Robert Priddy, Engineering Lead, Atkins Nuclear Solutions US

Rob Priddy is an Engineering Lead at Atkins Nuclear Solutions US, located in Hudson, Wisconsin. Over the last 18 months, Atkins has been performing a project to upgrade fire protection at the Fukushima Daiichi site, for which Rob has led work on the Fire Hazard Analysis. He will share his insights and experiences with us.