[Event] Japan Innovation Pitch Night 2018

Sep 05, 2018

Japan Innovation Pitch Night

Hear what new technologies Japanese companies are bringing to Silicon Valley.

This pitch event will introduce 8 Japanese startups with patented technologies.


September 10, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

The Vault
415 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
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**Invitation Only**


US MAC and JETRO have chosen 8 of the top Japanese startups in Advanced Manufacturing, Mobile Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, HealthTech, IoT, Computer Hardware, IT Security and Real Estate to participate in this dedicated program. All 8 Japanese startups either have patents or patents pending for their respective innovations.

Join us for a session of Startup Demos followed by a networking lunch as top Silicon Valley corporate representatives evaluate the latest innovations from Japan.


5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Registration & Networking

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Company pitches and panelist feedback

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Networking



PicoCELA Inc.

PicoCELA has developed wireless multi-hop connection capability to IoT devices so that LAN is reduced by 80-90%. We offer PCWL-0400, an edge computer with wireless back-haul, enterprise-grade access points, and IoT solutions.

Tsukuba Technology

Tsukuba Technology Co.,Ltd

Tsukuba Technology is a leading developer of non-destructive inspection technology. We developed the world’s first “Laser Ultrasonic Visualizing Inspector (LUVI)” and one of the world’s smallest X-ray inspection system, providing wide-range applications in industry inspections, public security and medical sectors.



Miraisens develops 3DHaptics Technology that creates a patented unique waveform pattern to vibrate actuators giving you touch sensory perception by stimulating your brain. In their demo, you can experience three different sensations: ‘Force’, ‘Pressure’, and ‘Tactile’ in midair.

Future Standard

Future Standard Co., Ltd.

Future Standard is a video content analysis solution provider in Japan. Their main product is a video analysis platform on which customers can easily take advantage of a wide variety of computer vision algorithms such as person count, face detection, demographic identifiers, etc.


Spiral Inc.

Spiral uses QR codes or markers to simplify the autonomous drone flight plan system for indoor use. Spiral aims to be the savior of "field technicians" who are considering utilizing autonomous flight drones.


Aidemy Inc.

Aidemy is an online platform to learn Blockchain and AI coding. It is an interactive environment where people learn programming skills for Blockchain coding such as Python and Numpy.

Daiya Industries

Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.

We are a developer of soft exo systems using pneumatic muscles to help stroke victims and also have been a manufacturer and developer of orthotic support systems for 55 years.

GA Technologies

GA Technologies

Our property purchasing system "Tech Supplier" that we are developing independently solves the complicated work process that people had been doing with technology by making full use of AI and RPA. We crawl a huge amount of property information received from the vendors using image recognition technology, and automatically load the property data into the system. In addition, we use machine learning from the property data and recommend properties to purchasing personnel by screening high quality properties.


The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is working with US Market Access Center (USMAC) to host this event.