JETRO launches new IG account "Rooted Japan"

Jan 20, 2023

Discover unique & exciting Japanese food, art, crafts, fashion, and more!

 JETRO recently launched a new Instagram account Rooted Japan (@rooted.japan) to promote and showcase Japanese culture and products. It will feature a wide variety of subjects, including Japanese cuisine and food products, traditional and modern artisan crafts, home goods, fashion, travel, history, and more.

JETRO USA also has its own Instagram account (@jetro_usa) which is run by our San Francisco office and will feature an even broader range of content, including technology and business updates.

Since JETRO is a nonprofit organization, most of the products featured will not be directly purchasable; however, JETRO will be featuring various B2B platforms for wholesale buyers. If you have any questions about Rooted Japan or the products featured, please contact us via this form.

Please check out Rooted Japan and let us know what you think!