[Webinar] Robotics, AI & the Law

May 03, 2016


And Its Implications on the Legal Systems in the U.S. & Japan


Free Online Webinar

Friday, May 6, 2016

5:00 -6:30 p.m. PDT






Technology is Growing Faster than the Law.


Robotics and artificial intelligence systems play an increasingly dominant role in our lives. From Snakebot and DOMO to Cortana and Oculus Rift, technology continues to integrate itself into our daily routines. Although this integration has brought new business and social opportunities, it has also created an ever-growing gap between tech and the legal system.


Current legal systems in the United States and Japan have struggled to maintain a parallel pace with AI systems as they are developed and released for public consumption. This imbalance has led to an uneasy relationship between technology and the law, particularly with regards to tort, criminal, intellectual, and privacy laws.


This Mini-Workshop will Cover Key Legal Issues That Have Emerged with New Technology.


This mini-workshop will examine the “Cambrian Explosion” of robotics and artificial intelligence and the implications new tech has on current legal systems. The event will discuss several key legal issues that have emerged in recent years regarding AI as a whole.


JETRO San Francisco and Japan Society of Northern California invite you to attend this workshop, which will feature two key speakers as well as an appearance by  Japanese Diet Member Yasutoshi Nishimura, former State Minister of Abe Cabinet and a core member of the ruling party’s Artificial Intelligence Strategic Headquarters.


Join us and learn how technology is transforming not only our economy and society, but the law that binds it all together.