[Partner News] NEDO Silicon Valley News - Issue 12

Sep 19, 2016


Corporate Startup Innovation Tokyo

On September 12th, NEDO hosted two seminars titled "Corporate Startup Innovation Tokyo" with 500 Startups. The seminars were designed to educate corporations on the need of working with startups to be and stay innovative. The first seminar was held for board members from large Japanese corporations who are responsible for corporate innovation and the second session was aimed at corporate managers who are interested in working with startups.
Our Chief Representative, Shinnosuke Kameyama gave opening remarks and 500 Startups founder, Dave McClure, managing partner Bedy Yang, partner Zafer Younis and managing partner of 500 Japan, Yohei Sawayama, shared their thoughts to show why corporations all over the world are trying to work with startups, what kind of challenges they face, along with tips and ideas on how to be successful in corporate startup innovation.  The 500 team received many questions from the audience and had a lively discussion.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Shinnosuke Kameyama
Chief Representative, NEDO Silicon Valley Office



Chief Representative of NEDO Silicon Valley, Mr. Kameyama's Greeting




The seminar for board members


Founding Partner, 500 Startups, Mr. Dave McClure and Chairman of NEDO, Kazuo Furukawa


About NEDO

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