JETRO x Mind the Bridge 'Japanese Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley' 2020 Report

May 24, 2021

JETRO and Mind the Bridge have released a report on Japanese Corporate Innovation in the Bay Area for 2020. The report analyzes the large presence and role of Japanese corporations in funding and accelerating technological innovation in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The report finds that Japan has by far the largest corporate presence in the region. Of the 241 international and U.S. corporate innovation outposts in the Bay Area, nearly one third (72) of them are Japanese.


These corporate outposts include traditional CVCs, as well as innovation labs, antennas, and R&D centers, and span a wide range of industries and cities in the Bay Area.


Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese corporates have maintained commitment to Silicon Valley innovation, while reevaluating strategies and adapting to the new status quo in a way that will hopefully benefit Bay Area startups and Japanese corporates alike.


The report includes a detailed directory of Japanese corporate outposts, so startups and innovators can find suitable potential partners to work with.


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