JETRO Unveils New Green Tea Promotion Campaign "Ocha" (featuring Marie Kondo)

Aug 25, 2020


JETRO's JFOODO program is proud to unveil its new premium green tea promotion campaign, Ocha.  Under the calming slogan of "A journey to simplify you", Ocha focuses of promoting the benefits of Japanese green tea. It features a website where you can discover and purchase various types of authentic Japanese green teas.


The promotion will feature the tidying expert, best-selling author, and Emmy-nominated television star Marie Kondo as the campaign spokesperson. Marie Kondo regularly drinks Japanese green tea and has had a close relationship with the drink from a young age. She learned about it from her grandmother, a Japanese tea ceremony master. She will join together with a group of favorite lifestyle influencers, starting with actress Nikki Reed, to introduce you to the wonderful world of Japanese green tea.


Ocha was created earlier this year to introduce American viewers to the wide variety in Japanese green teas, including matcha, sencha, hojicha, and more. It highlights Japanese tea farmers and distributors in Japan who have long been dedicated to preserving the authenticity and flavor of premium green tea. The campaign will share their ideas, stories, and masterful techniques through blog articles and social media content.

To see Ocha's main website for its content and to purchase Japanese green tea, please CLICK HERE. You can also follow Ocha's Instagram account (@
justteayourself) HERE.


The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) was established on April 1, 2017 from JETRO. JFOODO devotes its resources to the branding of Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery, and food products and to further boost the export of such products overseas.