JETRO is Bringing 22 Japanese Startups to CES 2019

Dec 10, 2018


Want to experience Japan's most innovative startups of the last year?

Explore them all at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) in Las Vegas!

JETRO is coordinating the Japan Innovation Showcase at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Twenty-two innovative technology companies from Japan will be featured at the showcase for CES, taking place from January 8-11, 2019, at Eureka Park, Tech West, Sands Expo Level 1 at Booth #51075.

Jetro's J-Startup Program, which mentors and provides the necessary resources for Japanese startups to succeed in the global market, is also helping with the showcase.

Eight Japanese startups will be revealed at CES Unveiled on January 6, 2019 at the Shorelines Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay. This event attracts over 1,500 media sources and features the Best of Innovation Award Nominees. These companies have "CES Unveiled" next to their names.


GROOVE X, Inc.  CES Unveiled

GROOVE X wants to make people's busy lives less stressful with robotic companions. Their upcoming "LOVOT" robot is designed to be a comforting companion to people, and make them feel happier and more fulfilled. It is AI-operated, and highly innovative for the robotics industry. 


Idein Inc.  CES Unveiled

Idein connects people, physical objects, and the internet by developing high-speed sensing tools that can be used on ordinary technological devices. They are using computational sensing and data analysis techniques to accomplish their goals.


ispace, inc.  CES Unveiled

ispace's mission is to further human civilization by utilizing space resources on the moon and Mars. They have a well-funded research and development budget, and work with official space organizations including NASA. They are already planning to launch two missions to orbit Earth and land on the moon by 2021.


Life is Tech, Inc.  CES Unveiled

Life is Tech is an educational company that tutors Japanese youth about advanced programming skills across different platforms, including iPhone apps and video games. Despite being in its growth phase, it is the largest tutoring service of its kind in Japan, with over 13,000 participants. The startup partners with popular companies including Disney and Square Enix.



LOAD&ROAD created the "Teplo" IoT tea pot designed for tea drinkers. Users can enjoy high-quality cups of tea by selecting the teas they want to brew in the Teplo mobile app. Users can mobily adjust the Teplo's brewing conditions to create their favorite cups of tea based on flavors and other sensory factors.



mui Lab, Inc.  CES Unveiled

mui Lab designs beautiful smart home appliances with the goal of preserving nature in mind. Their products are made of wooden materials that can control and monitor households' termperatures, times, weather information, voicemails, and even phyisical messages. Their products are AI-operated and user-friendly.



Shiftall, Inc.  CES Unveiled

Shiftall focuses on creating advanced IoT products to benefit the manufacturing industries. Their agile mass-production system can launch IoT products in about 10 months by planning, designing, and developing hardware and software items in-house.


Triple W  CES Unveiled

Triple W's mission is to make using the bathroom easier for those with physical needs. They created the "DFree" device to enable senior citizens and disabled people to predict when they need to use the toilet. The device monitors, analyzes, and notifies users through a mobile app.


ambie corporation

ambie corporation aims to revolutionize the audio technology industry by providing customers with a product that improves their lives through sound and music. Their latest headphone product allows users to enjoy music without feeling pain.


Bye Bye World Inc.

Bye Bye World creates high-tech, interactive toys to bring families and friends together. Their upcoming "Big Clapper" toy interacts with people differently based on the occasion, and uses customized voices and music to make social gatherings more exciting.



DENDAMA realizes the strong sport-like community surrounding kendama toys, and created their own high-tech version as a response. Their "Dendama" uses LED lights and sensors, and functions with a mobile app to record tricks and connect with other players from around the world.


Empath Inc.

Empath's mission is to break down communication barriers to connect different people in society. They created a unique AI program that can identify various kinds of emotions based solely on tone of voice, regardless of language. Their products can work on a number of different platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android OS.


FutuRocket Co.

FutuRocket focuses on upgrading past technolgies to make them practical in the modern digital age. Specifically, their "Hackfon" device connects with analog phones, and enables them to run smart phone settings.


Genics Co., Ltd. 

Genics is a university team that creates robot technologies to improve people's lives. 


Hachi Tama Inc.
Hachi Tama's mission is to improve cats' lives and enable owners to better understand them. Their Toletta app monitors cats' health through recording changes in urine volume and body weight. Toletta even alerts owners who are away if their cats become unhealthy.


Holistic Japan. Co., Ltd.

Holisitic Japan focuses on improving women's health through technological kits called "Bonyu" (Japanese for "breastmilk"). It analyses breastmilk content (the balance of fatty acids, proteins, and sugars) to determine the quality of breastmilk. Their kits can also provide results of how to improve women's breastmilk.


KISSonix Inc.

KISSonic makes highly immersive acoustic stereo systems based on years of research and development. Their latest stereos use 3D technologies to produce 5.1 channel surround sound, similar to the quality of movies theaters. 




PLANTIO envisions a world where people everywhere can sustain themselves from home-grown food. They therefore designed the world's first AI planter system that adapts on its own and connects with the Internet to produce vegetation.


Teijin Frontier Sensing co., Ltd.

Teijin engineered smart textiles to analyze human vital and motion data. They can perform data acquisition methods and short time analyses that are typically difficult to obtain.


tsumug, inc.

tsumug creates smart home technolgies to protect people's households. Their "TiNK" smart lock connects with LTE mobile technologies to monitor households and ensure 24/7 security.


Yume Cloud Inc

Yume Cloud specializes in sensor and wireless technologies to enhance people's entertainment. Their "GLOW" entertainment system uses various sensors to detect physical motions and sounds, which create original and playful audio and visual effects.


144Lab, Inc.

144Lab's goal is to provide IoT solutions to resolve families' common-day obstacles. Their "Unkobutton" remote device records babies' defecation to detect when diapers need to be changed. It can even timestamp and directly message information about babies' defecation.

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JETRO is the Japanese government agency responsible for promoting trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. JETRO provides support and assistance to American companies entering the Japanese market and to Japanese companies expanding overseas. JETRO was established in 1958 and has more than 70 offices around the world, including six offices in the USA. JETRO provides a wide range of services, including timely market intelligence, extensive business development support, and relevant business events, all designed to encourage business partnerships between American companies and Japan.