[Press Release] JETRO Is Bringing 18 Japanese Startups to TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018

Aug 24, 2018

Japan Pavilion at Disrupt SF 2018

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JETRO San Francisco is once again coordinating the Japan Innovation Pavilion at this year's TechCrunch Disrupt SF. The conference will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, from September 5-7. Disrupt SF 2018 will feature over 1,200 early stage startups and sponsors from all technology sectors to showcase their latest tech products, platforms and services.

For Disrupt SF 2018, JETRO will be bringing 18 promising startups from Japan. These startups are all participants of JETRO’s Japan Innovation Program, which provides a boot camp with personal mentoring, as well as acceleration opportunities. This year’s exhibitors come from various sectors such as health tech, AI, blockchain, real estate, data security, and industrial tech. Japan is known for having advanced tech and unique methods of problem solving, and these 18 companies certainly live up to that reputation. They are seeking new business opportunities and partnerships in the U.S. market. Brand new exhibitors include:


PicoCELA Inc.

PicoCELA has developed wireless multi-hop connection capability to IoT devices so that LAN is reduced by 80-90%. We offer PCWL-0400, an edge computer with wireless back-haul, enterprise-grade access points, and IoT solutions.


InterMedia Lab

InterMedia Lab are developing and selling the C-Card, a multi-touch card which allows access to multiple web sites just by holding the card against a smartphone touch panel.



Miraisens develops 3DHaptics Technology that creates a patented unique waveform pattern to vibrate actuators giving you touch sensory perception by stimulating your brain. In their demo, you can experience three different sensations: ‘Force’, ‘Pressure’, and ‘Tactile’ in midair.

VOX (Mashroom)

VOX (Mashroom Inc)

VOX is a smart box for providing smart delivery and shipping solutions. Consumers can both receive and ship parcels from their home safely. It has sensors and can be controlled with a smartphone, connecting to the cloud to track shipments and deliveries.

Future Standard

Future Standard Co., Ltd.

Future Standard is a video content analysis solution provider in Japan. Their main product is a video analysis platform on which customers can easily take advantage of a wide variety of computer vision algorithms such as person count, face detection, demographic identifiers, etc.


Spiral Inc.

Spiral uses QR codes or markers to simplify the autonomous drone flight plan system for indoor use. Spiral aims to be the savior of "field technicians" who are considering utilizing autonomous flight drones.


Aidemy Inc.

Aidemy is an online platform to learn Blockchain and AI coding. It is an interactive environment where people learn programming skills for Blockchain coding such as Python and Numpy.

Printable Sensor Code Group

Printable Sensor Code Group

PSC provides printable, inexpensive sensor codes which do not require batteries. The thermal ink changes color depending on the temperature, which will massively cut down logistics costs for temperature-sensitive products.

MediDoc Search

Medidoc Search Co., Ltd.

Medidoc’s service uses AI and image recognition to provide medical diagnosis based on traditional Eastern medicine. Products and services are then recommended based on the diagnosis.


Unicast Co., Ltd.

Unicast provides technology for communication robots used by enterprises that allow robots to be utilized for office reception, product presentations, foreign language response, and product recommendations as a personal shopper. In Japan, Unicast’s systems are deployed in shopping malls, airports, hotels, etc.


Datacook Co., Ltd.

Datacook is a revolutionary healthcare service tackling some of the biggest issues in healthcare today. They provide smart health tracking and data analysis, and provide incentives to motivate individuals towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Calorica (Portearth)

Calorica (Portearth Co., Ltd.) 

Portearth’s unique plate Calorica is designed to drain away unhealthy fats and oils, which reduces calories and promotes healthy diet and lifestyle. The affordable plate comes in a variety of materials, and helps eliminate waste caused by excessive use of paper towels.

In addition to the above first-time exhibitors, the Japan Pavilion is also hosting 6 returning exhibitors:

Empath Doreming PM Code
KISSonix Challenge i-medex

The Japan Pavilion will be located in Startup Alley among the Country Pavilions. Startup Alley is the main exhibition area of the convention.

This year, JETRO is offering a limited number of Basic Disrupt passes to investors who are interested in vising the Japan Pavilion.

For more information, or to schedule a meeting with one of the Japanese exhibitors, contact Will Ferguson at Will_Ferguson@jetro.go.jp

For more information on TechCrunch Disrupt, visit their homepage HERE.


JETRO is the Japanese government agency responsible for promoting trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. JETRO provides support and assistance to American companies entering the Japanese market and to Japanese companies expanding overseas. JETRO was established in 1958 and has more than 70 offices around the world, including six offices in the USA. JETRO provides a wide range of services, including timely market intelligence, extensive business development support, and relevant business events, all designed to encourage business partnerships between American companies and Japan.