JETRO announces third annual Japan Textile Salon in NYC

Dec 11, 2019


JETRO has announced the third annual installment of the “Japan Textile Salon” to be held on January 21 – 22, 2020 in New York City. The salon is an innovative platform showcasing the latest textile sources, exhibiting a wide array of fabric mixes and cutting-edge production capabilities from Japan. Since first debuting in January 2018, the salon aims to provide an opportunity to connect the U.S. fashion industry with selective textile companies from Japan, carefully chosen from among the world’s top weavers, printing producers, design studios, and manufacturers with R&D capability.

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                                                  Exhibition Booth at Japan Textile Salon 2019

Last year, the salon hosted 21 textile exhibitors, who demonstrated new techniques and the use of fabrications and materials including high-quality silk, Swiss cotton, and indigo pile jacquard. These companies displayed unique dyeing and weaving techniques and specialty items such as selvedge denim woven on old-fashioned power looms and a high-grade silk threading process, along with premium fabrics made with spun silk using advanced technology.

This year the event focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly textiles, showcasing 16 Japanese textile companies that will present local artisan craftsmanship.

The full list of textile exhibitors is below:

BANDO SHOTEN Co., Ltd., Design House KAZE Corporation, DOKOH SHOJI Co., Ltd., FUJISAKI TEXTILE Co., Ltd., HATAKOKA Co., Ltd & ASUWA COMPANY, HOKKOH Co., Ltd., IWAI LACE Co., Ltd., JAPAN BLUE Co., Ltd., KAGEYAMA Co., Ltd., Nagoya spinning Co., Ltd., Panoco Trading Co., Ltd., SHOWA CO., Ltd., Toban Textile Co., Ltd., TOHKAI THERMO Co., Ltd., Uni Textile Co., Ltd.,Yoshida Senko Co., Ltd.

To attend, please register HERE.

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