Japanese Seafood Promotion Fair, Business Matching & Tasting Event

Jan 29, 2019

Sushi Seafood Fair Ginto

Experience the delicious flavors of Japanese seafood and learn about the seafood industry from experts and a business matchmaking event.


February 9, 2019
11:00 - 3:00 PM PST

658 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94104
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Experience the outstandingly fresh and flavorful seafood from Japan! Visitors will have the opportunity to learn unique sushi skills and gain seafood knowledge in a seminar presented by prominent sushi master chefs from Japan. A one-on-one business matchmaking event with exhibitors will follow the seminar.

Content : 

1) Sushi Seminar & Edo-Mae Sushi Tasting

The speaker will review authentic Japanese sushi and introduce traditional sushi peparation methods, He will also compare the characteristics of sushi in Japan and overseas. He will then highlight sanitary aspects of sushi. His presentation will be followed by an Edo-Mae Sushi Tasting event, which will offer visitors authentic sushi with tuna, yellowtail, red sea bream and scallops grown in Japan.

2) Japanese Seafood Promotion, Tasting & Business Matching

Nine fishery product companies participating from Japan will exhibit and introduce more than 30 items for sample tasting. There will be opportunities during this time to connect for guests to connect with Japanese businesses.

Speaker :

Mr. Hirotoshi Ogawa, Director, World Sushi Skills Institute

After being trained at numerous famous sushi restaurants, Mr. Ogawa went on to receive awards for technical skills at the Sushi Making Technical Contest, among other competitions. He then moved overseas to oversee sushi preparation at a Japanese banquet restaurant in a 5-star hotel. After six years of experiences, he returned to Japan in 2012 to act as a scholar of sushi-making. He now holds seminars and on-site tutorials to local chefs worldwide in order to educate them about  sushi-making and how to prepare sushi in a hygienic manner.

Exhibit products :

Yellowtail, Yellowtail Fillet, Scallop, Vinegared Mackerel Fillet, Cuttlefish Fillet, Dried Sea Lettuce Seaweed, Fully Sustained Farm-raised Bluefin Tuna 'TUNAGU", Frozen Farmed Bluefin Tuna Belly, Herb Mackerel, Blackthroat Seaperch, Horse Mackerel Fillet, FISH BOX (assorted mix of fish), Sea Bream Fillet, etc.

Exhibitor :

Daiki, Goshoku, JC Trend, Kanematsu, Kohyo, Kyokuyo America, Misaki Megumi Susiasn, Nishiuo Marketing, Sapporo Chuousuisan

Attendees :

Local food/ seafood importers, food distributors between Japan-USA, food brokers, retailers, restaurant-related personnel (purchasers, chefs, food/ restaurant related brokers/ reporters)

*Please bring along your business cards to the event.

**Trade-only event. Only seafood/ food related trade guests are allowed.


Contact Exhibition Technologies, Inc. for more information at sf@exhibitiontech.com


Japan Aquatics Product Export Council

with support by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)