[Event] See Japanese Companies Present New Technology at Our Pitch & Demo Night - Redwood City, CA

Feb 22, 2017

Hear eight Japanese companies showcase their "sokezai" products:
products made of metal or raw materials using material processing methods.
This event is for U.S. companies seeking partnership opportunities. 



   March 1, 2017
   5:30-8:30 PM

   GSV Labs
   585 Broadway  
   Redwood City, CA 94063


   Cost: FREE
   Seating Limited



   5:30 PM

   6:00 PM


   7:00 PM



      Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

      Metal Heat Co., Ltd.

      Mitsuya Co., Ltd.

      Nakakin Co., Ltd.

      Nissei ETC Co., Ltd.

      Sakuma Special Steel Co., Ltd. Ichiro Soné 
      Sheetmetalize (Kobayashi Manufacture)
      Sintokohio, Ltd.




Do you want to learn why Japan makes good quality products? If YES, please come join us at Pitch and Demo Event for Japanese Automotive, Healthcare, Medical Device, and Robotic industries to find out the secret methods. We also invite two Silicon Valley based startups to present their new technologies and service.


This is the second year JETRO is inviting 8 “SOKEIZAI” companies from Japan to present their promised technology in the United States. "SOKEIZAI" is a newly‐created Japanese word that denotes those products made of metal or other raw materials by using material processing methods. It applies force or heat to metal and raw materials against some molds or dies to fabricate them into almost the net shape of the product in a single or short‐time operation.



This event is organized by the Japan External Trade Organization.