[Event] Japan's Regenerative Medicine Market: Opportunities for Minnesota Companies

Jan 23, 2017

Hear how recent regulatory reform has opened Japan's regenerative medicine market to foreign companies. Guest speakers include Gil van Bokkelen,
Chairman and CEO of Athersys, Inc. 



   February 9, 2017
   4:00-6:30 PM

   Medical Valley Association
   4150 Olson Memorial Highway
   Golden Valley, MN 55422


   Cost: FREE



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Welcome Remarks

      Kathleen Motzenbecker, Sr. Vice President,
      Medical Alley Association

Japan Regenerative Medicine Market Overview

      Ralph Inforzato, Executive Director,
      Business Development, JETRO Chicago

      Robert Corder, Project Coordinator, JETRO Chicago

Athersys and Japan

      Gil Van Bokkelen, Chairman and CEO, Athersys, Inc.


Closing Remarks

      Ichiro Sone, Chief Executive Director, JETRO Chicago

      Kathleen Motzenbecker, Sr. Vice President,
      Medical Alley Association

Networking Reception



In 2014, the Japanese government implemented major regulatory reforms which dramatically shortened the approval process for regenerative therapies. The government also now allows businesses other than hospitals and research institutes to produce cells for medical use. With the world's fastest approval process, specifically designed for regenerative medicine, foreign companies are now considering Japan as a potential location for clinical trials.

There are also new business opportunities emerging for foreign companies as Japan develops its regenerative medicine-related infrastructure. Representatives from JETRO, the Japanese government’s economic development organization, will detail the status of these reforms and talk about how American companies are taking advantage of Japan’s new business climate. Athersys, Inc. Chairman and CEO Gil van Bokkelen will also share his views on the Japanese market and his discuss his company’s strategic partnership with the Japanese company Healios.