JETRO Showcases 19 Innovative Japanese Startups at Disrupt 2021

Sep 22, 2021

Want to invest in or partner with 19 innovative Japanese startups?

Then visit the Japan Innovation Pavilion online at Disrupt 2021!

JETRO San Francisco is coordinating the Japan Innovation Pavilion at this year's Disrupt Conference hosted by TechCrunch. The conference will be held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Disrupt 2021 will feature over 1,000 early stage startups and sponsors from all technology sectors as they showcase their latest technology products, platforms, and services.


For Disrupt 2021, JETRO will host 19 innovative Japanese startups from September 21-23. On September 23rd at 1:00pm PST, 10 of these startups will also participate in a special pitch event, where they will openly speak about their products to attendees. This year’s exhibitors come from various sectors such as wellness, entertainment, fitness, healthtech, and sustainability. Japan is known for having advanced technology and unique methods of problem solving, and these 19 companies exemplify that. The exhibitors include:

AC Biode

AC Biode is developing bio toilets - no water, no infrastructure, using normal woodchips/sawdust. Use cases include islands, remote areas, ships, campgrounds, during natural disasters, and more.

Advanced Original Technologies Co., Ltd.

AOT uses proprietary Memorism Processors which are accelerator processors that revolutionize information processing. These processors will dramatically evolve information processing.


SwipeVideo is a proprietary software that allows you to live-stream or archive stream multi-angle video over any web browser. With SwipeVideo you give control over the direction of the content to the viewer, increasing engagement by providing a totally new video viewing experience.

Cardio Flow Design Inc.

Cardio Flow Design develops blood flow analysis techniques. The aim of analysis is to help diagnosis, treatment, and surgery planning for cardiovascular disease. Their technologies are 4D Flow MRI software, computational fluid dynamics, and echocardiography analysis software.


Engineerforce Inc

Engineerforce provides a system specifically designed for IT engineers to make estimating man-hours easier and more accurate. All data is stored, so you don't have to search through spreadsheets. The entire process is online, from creating quotations to receiving orders and processing inspections.


everblue Technologies Inc.

everblue develops autonomous sailing and support for fishing, marine and tourism businesses, surveillance support, energy transportation, etc. Their mission is to reduce emissions by realizing autonomous sailing operation using renewable energy.


hemVR is a fitness VR solution that brings engagement, connectivity, and effectiveness to all levels of bikers & all types of indoor bikes.  It turns any fitness bike into VR bike.

NeuralX Inc. by NeuralX is a new mobile fitness platform, which combines live instruction from professional trainers with AI-enabled tracking and two-way interactive video, all from the safety of home.


obniz Inc.

Obniz provides a cloud-based IoT development platform. The benefits of scalability and remote maintenance in the cloud can reduce on-site visits. Already having extensive deployment in Japan, they aim to make Obniz a global standard.

One Act, Inc.

One Act develops and operates the web service PieceX, the world's first source code marketplace with dynamic AI pricing. By trading software components on a global scale, PieceX allows sellers to earn income from the source code itself and buyers to save 90% on development.

Onikle Inc.

Onikle offers a preprint search platform for aspiring researchers in Computer Science providing a simple way to find papers with AI recommendations. Organize the papers you find in one place to build your own library, share with your community, and find out what other researchers have read.


PJP Eye is a sustainable energy solution company that mass produces an organic carbon battery called Cambrian. It is a rare metal-free sustainable battery that uses plant-derived carbon. It has no risk of explosion, can charge 20 times faster, and it has a life of 20+ years. It has been integrated into e-bikes and portable power stations.

R's KOSO, Inc.

R’s KOSO provides a Japanese Pre+Probiotic superfood drink brand. It is the only 100% natural supplement on the market that provides balanced nutrition, combining probiotics + prebiotics + postbiotics and enzymes which are proven to improve gut health.

roundz, Inc.

roundz provide vocal virtual offices, an environment to work together wherever you are. You can easily talk to each other while feeling the presence of colleagues. With roundz, companies do not have to monitor what employees are doing when they are working remotely.

Samaria Co., Ltd.

Samaria utilizes blockchain to prevent pirated editions and spread Japanese animation content around the world. By utilizing the platform called JAPANMEDIA and implementing various technologies such as NFT, they provide technologies and platforms that many publishers can use.

SpoLive Interactive, Inc.

SpoLive is a platform that makes it easy for sports teams to create an interactive digital experience with their fans. SpoLive allows teams to stream game stats and video with ultra-low latency. Teams can reward loyal fans with special gifts and automate social marketing to increase engagement and attract core fans.

Vanguard Industries Inc.

Vanguard is a venture builder that aims to create innovation by collaborating with major companies in R&D. In the project to develop an AI pet robot "Moflin", they are working on concept, prototyping, and market demonstration. CES 2021 Innovation Awards Best of Innovation.



The XPAND Code is a new linking tool that acts as an add-on to QR codes. It can be read from a long distance. In a sports stadium, it has been successfully read by a smartphone from over 700 feet. Applications in the fields of sports, public transport and smart cities are emerging.


yodayoda Inc.

Yodayoda provides a Wiki Map for Robots, which is a map data sharing and collaboration platform for LiDAR, other sensor data and annotation data used by robots and self-driving cars, and it will start collecting and publishing maps from cities where self-driving tests are already running.

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JETRO is the Japanese government agency responsible for promoting trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. JETRO provides support and assistance to American companies entering the Japanese market and to Japanese companies expanding overseas. JETRO was established in 1958 and has more than 70 offices around the world, including six offices in the USA. JETRO provides a wide range of services, including timely market intelligence, extensive business development support, and relevant business events, all designed to encourage business partnerships between American companies and Japan.