[Seminar] Discover Osaka: Business Seminar & Networking Reception

Jul 08, 2016



Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3:00 - 6:00 p.m. PDT


Hotel Nikko San Francisco

Monterey Room (3rd Floor)

222 Mason Street, San Francsico, CA 94102

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The Osaka Promotion Seminar is a free event open to professionals interested in doing future business with Osaka. The seminar will discuss developments in Osaka that have made the city more friendly than ever. 


Osaka is known as the Gateway to Asia and the Economic Hub of Western of Western Japan; in recent years, it has aspired to another title: Open Innovation Capital of Japan. To achieve this, the city has increased its investment and collaboration programs to help connect foreign companies with local businesses. 


This event will also mark the upcoming 60th anniversary of San Francisco and Osaka's sister relationship. To commemorate this lasting relationship, the Mayor of Osaka will present on Osaka's business-friendly opportunities for Bay Area businesses.


Join us to hear experts discuss how to make the most of Osaka's innovation programs. 


Admission is limited to 80 persons. To register, please sign up via our eventbrite page by July 29, 2016. 




Welcoming Remarks

Mr. Hirofumi Yoshimura,

Mayor of Osaka, Representative of City and County of San Francisco

Greetings from Guests

Mr. Jun Yamada

Consul General of Japan in San Francisco


Mr. Lawrence Greenwood

President of the Japan Society of Northern California


Mr. Hirofumi Yoshimura

“Discover Osaka: Open Innovation Capital of Japan”


Professor of Medicine, Osaka City University

Precision Health by Utilizing Big Data”


Osaka Venture Companies/Enterprises

“Company Presentation & Demonstration”


Director General, JETRO Osaka

“To Boost Investment Collaboration Between Japan & America in the Innovation Field”

Networking Reception






G-ONE Inc. is a web system Development Corporation that produces unique electronic components for medical and entertainment purposes. Since its establishment in 1999, G-ONE has gone on to produce several unique products. Its best seller, USB-Cloud, is a customizable information tool that allows users to share information with modifiable conditions. The sender can share information that has customizable permissions, time limits, and viewing windows, allowing for a high level of information security. This product has been especially popular for doctor-physician relationships. Since its launch, over 150,000 products have sold.


G-ONE’s most recent product is Ripple Light, a color-customizable LED wristband controlled by radio waves. Ripple Light’s LED display has over 17,000,000 color possibilities, making it easy to find the right color for any event. Ripple Light is especially popular with concert-goers who want an enhanced participation experience (Ripple Light’s LED colors can be pre-programmed to change and shift with music). Ripple Light is also good for medical and inter-module communication purposes.


Website: http://en.usb-cloud.jp/  |  http://en.ripple-light.com/




LOCKON CO., LTD. is a “Marketing Robot Company” that utilizes big data (DMP), AI, and data mining technologies to provide marketing automation and optimization solutions. Its online marketing measurement suite “AD EBiS” holds the top market share in Japan with over 7,000 accounts. Clients include MIKI HOUSE, Hotel Monterey Group, and SECOM.


LOCKON was founded in 2001 and has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange market (“Mothers”) since September 2014.


Website: http://www.lockon.co.jp/




Sakura Internet Inc. started as a student venture of a rental server operator in 1996. Since then it has grown to offer various services as an internet service provider. Services include rental servers, colocation services, and networking services with one of the largest bandwidth among domestic carriers.


In 2011, Sakura Internet opened its energy-saving Ishikari Data Center, one of the largest data centers in Japan. In 2016, the company launched its Sakura IoT Platform, which provides a communication environment, data storage, and processing system in an all-in-one-platform.


Sakura Internet is most popular among individual customers, startups, and web service operators acting for public and private enterprises.


Website: https://www.sakura.ad.jp/




Smart Value was founded in 1928 as a factory attaching electrical components to automobiles. In the 1990s, as the presence of personal computers and the internet grew, the company shifted to developing B2B IT solutions. It partnered with NTT DOCOMO in the early 1990s and began marketing its digital services to the general business community in 1996. Today, Smart Value services include web design, software, data centers, and mobile applications. Their most recent product is “CiEMS,” an IoT service designed for automobiles. The service has seen a wave of popularity in Japan, becoming a trend commodity for car owners.


Smart Value is a public company that listed on the JASDAQ last year.


Website: http://www.smartvalue.ad.jp/




Synergy Marketing is a leading cloud CRM system vendor in Japan. Established in June 2005, the company has quickly grown to accommodate demand. As of 2016, Synergy Marketing is staffed by over 270 employees and has an IPO listing on the JASDAQ market.


The company has also established business alliances with Salesforce.com, Inc. (USA) for its sales and cloud services markets. In 2014, the company was acquired by Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation through a friendly takeover (TOB).


Website: https://www.synergy-marketing.co.jp/company/en/



Westunitis was originally founded as a planning and production studio for digital manuals and technical documents. Over its 15 year history, the company shifted its focus to consumer electronics and hardware production. Westunitis products include wearable computers that allow users to access training and educational manuals/videos and enterprise solutions that offer product-integrating software systems.


Westunitis is a global brand, with its product available to companies worldwide. Its products are especially popular with the manufacturing, maintenance, and medical industries.


Website: http://www.westunitis.co.jp/en/


This event is organized by the City of Osaka and the City and County of San Francisco, in co-operation with JETRO. This program is supported by the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, the SF-Osaka Sister City Association, and the Osaka Prefectural Government. 



Have a question about this event? Contact Ms. Misa Kido, Liaison Officer for International Relations, Economic Strategy Bureau, here.