[Event] Update on Economic Recovery of the Tohoku Region - Chicago, IL

Feb 09, 2016




Creating a New Tohoku: 

Firsthand Observations on its Recovery and an Update on the Economy

Insights on the Fifth Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake




March 9, 2016

5:30-8:15 p.m.



Grant Thorton LLP

171 N. Clark Street, Suite 200

Chicago, IL 60601



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To commemorate the Fifth Anniversary of The Great East Japan Earthquake, we are honored to present a special program on the progress being made in northeastern Japan, featuring a keynote address by Akihiro Ohyama, Chairman and CEO, IRIS USA.; and Ichiro Soné, Chief Executive Director, JETRO Chicago.




5:30 PM          


6:00-7:15 PM     Presentation

7:15-8:15 PM

    Reception Sponsored by the Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago






Ichiro Sone

Ichiro Soné

Chief Executive Director of JETRO Chicago


Ichiro Soné, the Chief Executive Director of JETRO Chicago, will set the pace and tone of the program by presenting you with an in-depth review of the progress of the economic and business recovery of  the Tohoku region. He will also describe what many are calling a New Tohoku. 




Akihiro Ohyama

Akihiro Ohyama

Chairman and CEO of IRIS USA Inc. 


Akihiro Ohyama, a native of Sendai City, is the Chairman and CEO of IRIS USA Inc., located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.   His parent company IRIS Ohyama, one of most innovative household products companies in Japan has its headquarters in Sendai City, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture.  

The company  carries an astounding  15,000 products with 1,000 new products created on an annual basis.   The Great East Japan Earthquake had a major impact on Sendai City and IRIS Ohyama.  He will explain the challenges that his city and company had to meet each day and he will also share his insights on the recovery and the progress that society has achieved during these past five years. 



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