JETRO to Host Japanese Film Exhibitors at American Film Market 2021 Online

Sep 27, 2021


Engage with talented Japanese film companies and see their most recent
films at American Film Market (AFM) 2021 Online!


November 1-5, 2021



With the purpose of promoting Japanese films and TV content to overseas markets, JETRO is participating in the American Film Market (AFM) 2021 Online from November 1st-5th. Our diverse group of exhibitors, ranging from Japanese large film studios to anime companies, offer a wide selection of genres to discover!

More details about the companies and their films are listed below.
For inquiries, please contact JETRO Los Angeles (see below).

We look forward to meeting you all at AFM 2021! 


Exhibitor List

SPO Entertainment Inc.

Rep: Aki Takabatake, Director of International Sales

SPO produces Japanese live action drama series based on manga. They do co-production with other Asian countries such as Korea and Taiwan. They also acquire and distribute Asian films and drama series in Japan. They currently own 2 movie theaters in Japan.

GAGA Corporation 

Rep: Haruko Watanabe, International Sales

Founded in 1986, GAGA Corporation is a leading independent distributor in Japan, dedicated to theatrical distribution and marketing, video and TV distribution, and international sales. GAGA excels in its promotional ability, and dedicates its efforts to enhancing its web and mobile platforms.

Ashi Productions Co., Ltd.

Rep: Kaori Yamaoka

Ashi Productions coordinates the development and sales of TV, OVAs, and theatrical animation. Their work includes animation production (sketching, painting, photography), character merchandising, event posters, catalogues, and character-related products.

GETA FILMS / Green Light LLC.


Rep: Ryohei Masuoka, Managing Director

GETA FILMS, launched in 2003, an international sales department of Japanese movies of Green Light LLC. We dedicate to bringing the world's films / television programs / comic-book IP buyers and producers easy access to Japanese contents and provide comprehensive handling services so that the rights to titles may be acquired for distribution outside of Japan.



Rep: Shiori Takata, Head of Film Licensing, International Sales and Acquisitions

Toei Company Ltd., since its foundation in 1951, is one of the three major studios in Japan. The company focuses on providing high quality, comprehensive entertainment through the production and theatrical distribution of feature films, anime, and TV dramas as well as a diverse range of businesses including planning and hosting character-oriented events. The company has two film studios in Tokyo and Kyoto and it owns cinema complex throughout the country.



Rep: Isana Higuchi, Content Department
MAHO FILM plans, produces, and distributes animation (TV series, OVAs, and movies). They also produce live entertainment programs and handle character licensing, business and planning, and production and sales of character-related merchandise.


Film List

* Please also find the full list of titles in the link below:

Copyright: © “Can't Run Away from Love” Production Committee, MBS 2021

Can't Run Away From Love

Romantic Comedy / 9 ep x 24 min / 2021
Company: SPO Entertainment Inc.
Available Rights: All Rights
Available Regions:
 WW except for Japan and Korea


Copyright: ©2021 AOI Pro. / TY Limited

The Pursuit of Perfection
Documentary / 79 min / 2021
Company: GAGA Corporation
Available Rights: All Rights
Available Regions:
 WW except for Japan



Copyright: ©ASHI PRODUCTIONS 1982

Fairy Princess Minky Momo 1st
TRAILER: Coming Soon
Fantasy, Magic, Adventure / 30min. × 63eps. / 1982
Company: Ashi Productions Co., Ltd.
Available Rights: All Rights
Available Regions:
 WW except for North American regions for online rights


Copyright: ©︎Hase Studio

Fantasy, Romance / 102 / 2021
Company: GETA FILMS / Green Light LLC.
Available Rights: All Rights
Available Regions:
 WW except for Taiwan and Japan


Copyright: ©︎2022 Ox-Head VILLAGE Production Committee

Horror, 2022
Available Rights: All Rights
Available Regions:
 WW including North America and LATAM


Copyright: ©︎ Let's Make a Mug Too Project

Let's Make a Mug Too 1 and 2
Animation, Live Action / 30min×12epi / 2021
Company: MAHO FILM CO., LTD.
Available Rights: All Rights
Available Regions:
WW except for Asia



For any inquiries or to set up an appointment with our exhibitors, please contact:

Kumiko Torres
Business Development Lead, JETRO Los Angeles

What is JETRO?

JETRO is a Japanese governmental non-profit organization that promotes mutual trade and investments between Japan and the rest of the world. The entertainment team within JETRO Los Angeles focuses on building business relationships between Japanese and U.S. entertainment companies.