2.5 Temporary Visitor Visa and Status

Section Two: Visas and Status of Residence


This section provides an overview of the various entry procedures required to work and live in Japan. This section also includes a description of the types of work visas available to foreign companies, foreign staff, and the family of foreign nationals.


2.1   Entry Procedures

2.2   Relation Between Visa and Status of Residence

2.3   Process from Acquisition of Certificate of Eligibility to Acquisition of Visa

2.4   Types of Working Statuses

2.5   Temporary Visitor Visa and Status

2.6   Reciprocal Visa Exemptions for Temporary Visitor

2.7   Resident Card

2.8   Re-Entry Permission

2.9   Family Members Accompanying Working Foreign Nationals

2.10 Extension of Period of Stay and Change of Status of Residence

2.11 Points-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

2.5 Temporary Visitor Visa and Status

Temporary visitor status covers tourism, recuperation, sports, visits to relatives, field trips, participation in short courses or meetings, business liaison and similar activities undertaken staying temporarily in Japan. Holders of temporary visitor status may not engage in working activities. Some concrete examples of the type of person involved in business who would be covered by this status are as follows:

  1. Persons staying in Japan for the purpose of field trips and inspections (e.g. plant tours and trade fair visits)
  2. Persons participating in short courses and briefings organized by companies
  3. Persons participating in conferences and other meetings
  4. Persons sent to Japan for business liaison, business negotiations, contract signing, after-sales service, advertising or publicity, market research or other short-term business activities.


Market research and other activities in preparation for investing in and commencing a business in Japan are normally considered to fall under temporary visitor status.The periods of stay of temporary visitor status are 90 days, 30 days, and designated numbers of days up to 15 days.


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