2.11 Points-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

Section 2: Visas & Status of Residence


 This section provides an overview of the various entry procedures required to work and live in Japan. Section includes a description of the types of work visas available to foreign companies, foreign staff, and the family of foreign nationals.


2.1  Entry Procedures
2.2  Relation Between Visa and Status of Residence

2.3  Process from Acquisition of Certificate of Eligibility to Acquisition of Visa

2.4  Types of Working Statuses

2.5  Temporary Visitor Visa and Status

2.6  Reciprocal Visa Exemptions for Temporary Visitor

2.7  Resident Card

2.8  Re-Entry Permission

2.9 Family Members Accompanying Working Foreign Nationals

2.10 Extension of Period of Stay and Change of Status of Residence

2.11 Points-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals


2.11.1 What Is the Points-Based System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals?
It is a points-based system designed to promote acceptance of “highly skilled foreign professionals,” and it works by awarding points to individuals who fall within the current scope of acceptance of foreign nationals and have outstanding talents or abilities to offer. Those who receive at least a certain number of points are categorized as “highly skilled foreign professionals” and qualify for preferential immigration treatment.
For details of the system, please see the following website: Immigration Bureau of Japan website
2.11.2 Point Evaluation
As requested by applicants, the activities of highly skilled foreign nationals are classified into the following categories. Points are assigned for “educational attainment,” “professional experience,” “annual salary,” “research performance,” etc. based on the nature of the category of activity.
  1. Advanced academic research activities "Class 1(a) Highly Skilled Professional"
  2. Advanced specialized/technical activities "Class 1 (b) Highly Skilled Professional"
  3. Advanced business and management activities "Class 1 (c) Highly Skilled Professional"
2.11.3 Preferential Treatment

In case of "Class 1 Highly Skilled Professional:"

  1. Permission to engage in multiple types of activity during stay in Japan
  2. Granting of 5-year period of stay
  3. Relaxation of residence requirements for granting of permission for
  4. permanent residence (eligibility for permanent residence in around 5 years)
  5. Preferential processing of immigration and residency procedures
  6. Permission for spouse of highly skilled foreign professional to work
  7. Permission for accompaniment by parent of highly skilled professional under certain conditions
  8. Permission for accompaniment by domestic worker employed by
  9. highly skilled person under certain conditions


In case of "Class 2 Highly Skilled Professional:"

  1. Permission for almost all types of working status activities 
    in addition to the activities as "Class 1 Highly Skilled
  2. Granting of open-ended period of stay
  3. Granting of the preferential treatments indicated in 3. - 6. above

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