JIP TechMatch Alumni- 2019


Aeronext created its center of gravity control technology, ”4D GRAVITY®”, which dramatically improves drone stability and increases efficiency and productivity. Aeronext emphasizes IP strategy and conducts its 4D GRAVITY® license business globally by combining Core technology, IP portfolio and branding.


AI Samurai helps users find patents through simple operations without setting search conditions. Patent search results are ranked A through D according to the level of the user. AI Samurai significantly reduces the burden on the inventor and provides highly accurate results.


Kotozna Inc. is dedicated to eliminating language barriers. Kotozna Chat is a web app that provides auto-translated, two-way, remote and real-time text and voice-to-text messaging. With the app, locals, tourists, governments and businesses can seamlessly and more accurately communicate with foreign language speakers.



Concierge U is a conversational SaaS automation company. Their business chat program

“Kuzen” significantly reduces operational and onboarding costs. This allow employees to perform routine tasks from the comfort of their phone, giving more time to focus on more crucial tasks.


mui Lab designs beautiful smart home appliances with the goal of preserving nature in mind. Their products are made of wooden materials that can control and monitor households' termperatures, times, weather information, voicemails, and even phyisical messages. Their products are AI-operated and user-friendly.


Stroly combines the strength of map designs and foot-travel data to make unique experiences.  Their current business model is B2B with initial map setting fees and data plan subscriptions. Clients are in travel & leisure, as well as development and transportation. They support their area marketing and branding through location solutions.