JIP TechMatch Alumni- 2017


ArchiTek has developed a low power, high performance Video Processing architecture (IP) suitable for edge computing. It can replace existing solutions like GPUs and dedicated LSIs.


Axion Research provides people with the AXiR Engine to make precise estimations for activities with medical assistance.


Blue Star R&D’s machine automatically removes fine burrs, helping to save time, increase accuracy, and reduce labor costs. Ultrasonic deburring can replace 30% of the total deburring market and thus help with the recovery of the US manufacturing industry.



Caulis is a cybersecurity startup backed by Sony and ISI Dentsu. It provides cloud-based fraud detection. It has been implemented by one of the largest banks in Japan. Caulis was accepted into TOYOTA’s open innovation program, “TOYOTA NEXT”.



KISSonix Inc., founded in August 2014, brings to the table a futuristic 3D sound encoding system. Their high-quality 3D encoding technology brings a new sound environment to stereophonic equipment!



Forget about Forgetting! MAMORIO inc makes the world’s smallest bluetooth tracker tag to locate and protect your valuables 24/7.




Nextremer provides Conversational Interfaces for cars. Using Artificial Intelligence, their dialogue system enables driver/vehicle interaction using natural language requests, based on context awareness, as opposed to keyword recognition, dramatically improving response relevance.



Smartmedical’s Emotion AI Empath identifies an individual’s emotion from their voice. Empath has already been adopted by multiple business sectors such as mental health (NTT docomo ), call center (TMJ), robotics (MJI) and so on.