JIP TechMatch Alumni- 2016



16Lab is the award-winning developer of the world’s smallest and No.1 ultra-low power wearable technology, including an ultra-small ring device, multi-purpose controller as well as an universal authentication tool.



Borderless has developed a smart helmet called CrossHelmet that can display a 360-degree view while on the road. Furthermore, it can be controlled dynamically by one’s sound field. Both the Visibility and Noise management system will help keep motorcyclists safe.



COLLOIDAL INK’s nanoink can make production faster, less expensive, and more flexible, by forming crack-free, high-quality metal film.



Doreming grants workers early access to earned paychecks with no interest and fees on a real-time payroll platform, without any payday lending. It also provides financial inclusion for non-bank account holders, including immigrants and refugees.




For 25 years, I • MEDEX has produced easy and durable vital sign sensors with wave noise elimination for medical devices, that have even been used in the national space station. Outside traditional healthcare, their technology is now used in new markets such as sports training, entertainment (i.e. video games), and employee management.



With toorPIA, anyone can analyze any form of big data, such as, text, POS, log and sensor numerical data, without the help of data scientists, while also improving cost and time efficiency by 10 times compared to data scientists.