JIP TechMatch Alumni- 2015



Asial provides HTML5 based solutions for enterprise and academic markets. Their flagship product Monaca is a platform ready to develop cross-platform IoT, mobile and desktop apps. Combined with Onsen UI framework, developers can create professionally designed apps for various platforms with their current skillset.



Doreming Inc. provide Accrued Payroll-Lending services to help employees advance their pay at any time before they go to take payday loans. At the same time, we help employers increase employee productivity and make money by profit sharing.


Iwane Laboratories was established in 1979 with a vision of “recognizing 3D space as a robot eye” and to “establish a parallel digital world”. They are the leading manufacturer of Optical Mobile Mapping System in Japan, with products related to geo-imaging & image processing technologies, 3D Space & feature recognition, self-positioning, and automated drive.




Established 1946, KYOWA INDUSTRIAL provides precision manufacturing of high-quality components and prototypes in the Automotive, Medical Device, Aircraft & Aerospace, Semiconductor, and LCD industries. With quick precision technology, 70 machining centers, 100 skilled engineers, their rapid process cuts costs and delivery time.




NEURONET’s easy-to-use cloud service Moshi Moshi Interactive can help enhance online customer interactions with chat, voice, and video, and help boost sales and conversions. So say hello to your new personalized online customer experience!



“PassClip” is a free password management application for smartphones. The app offers a simple and secure method of managing numerous passwords, without the need for a master password and/or biometric authentication, freeing users from the complication of storing and generating unique passwords for each website.



SELTECH’s bare metal hypervisor FEXER OX provides the ultimate security for IoT devices. Customers are in automotive, imaging and router markets. FEXER OX allows secure OS to run on a single CPU in parallel to rich OSs. Another popular offering is a self-learning AI platform combined with state-of-the-art speech recognition for embedded applications such as automotive.



Ubiquitous Corporation provides embedded software solutions for industrial and consumer products, together with Internet of Things(IoT) cloud platform. They offer one-stop solutions for IoT-based product/service needs, specializing in Home Energy Management and vehicle infotainment.