JIP TechMatch Alumni- 2014


Molcure represents high-quality antibody and target discovery. Combining a deep knowledge of NGS, bioinformatics, and antibody biology with an automated discovery system, the antibody discovery platform Abtracer delivers superior functional antibodies. Molcure is the partner of choice for therapeutic antibody discovery.




ChatWork is a cloud-based platform for collaboration that brings together text, voice, and video chat with task management and file sharing, all in one convenient place. It can turn a contact into a connection with one click or transform tasks into teamwork. ChatWork is currently being used by over 46,000 businesses in 170 countries.




NEURONET’s easy-to-use cloud service Moshi Moshi Interactive can help enhance online customer interactions with chat, voice, and video, and help boost sales and conversions. So say hello to your new personalized online customer experience!



MotionPortrait has reinvented interactive virtual animation, using only one photo. They can create an animated avatar experience when trying on glasses, cosmetics, and endless other product categories, to increase conversion and give retailers a strategic advantage in the marketplace. By allowing customers to experience products directly, MotionPortrait’s technology solves one of online retailers’ biggest challenges.




Heartland. Data Inc. is a software engineering company established in 1982. Their product DT10 is the Next Generation Dynamic Testing tool purpose-built for Embedded Software Engineering. It unifies the capabilities of a variety of traditional embedded testing tools into a single powerful solution that works on any software target, independent of the particular embedded OS or CPU. DT10 is utilized by more than 300 companies including SONY, TOYOTA, Panasonic, CANON, SAMSUNG, etc.




Shopal is a social shopping engine that helps you find and collect things you like and share them with your friends.


Integratto Inc. provides Business Simulation solutions to large enterprises. Their software streamlines the process of planning, risk assessment, decision and execution. The higher the uncertainty, the more effective the solution is, potentially improving profits by 36% or even more. They have already sold more than 1,100 user licenses to top tier companies.


Idealsee Japan Inc. is an IT venture company with technology in AR (augmented reality) and Head Mounted Display used in smartphones and HMD.



WELCON Inc. is a comprehensive provider of design, modeling, prototyping, evaluation, and manufacturing services for complex components that cannot be made by simple machining processes. Using diffusion bonding technology, WELCON works closely with its customers to optimize the design and fabrication of 3D hollow structure parts. Diffusion bonding opens a whole new approach to design and fabrication.


PassLogic delivers highly secure, user-friendly, cost-effective, and patent-protected one-time password authentication systems to enterprises and financial services to replace current token device solutions and dramatically decrease costs by up to 80%.