JIP TechMatch Alumni- 2013


X-Ability provides molecular modeling software that enhances chemistry and pharmaceutical low cost simulations.



Visual Concierge (NEURONET) is a unique Video CRM system. Unlike WebRTC technologies which provide very limited Video access, Video Concierge works across all mobile devices and PCs. It provides full contact management functionality in the cloud to quickly and cheaply optimize video contact with your prospects and customers.



CytoPathfinder offers effective transfection and analytical tools, providing unique genetic insights into disease and drug response.




Atonarp provides next generation OLPā€FAIMS solutions for ppt or ppb level real time chemical detection. It works as a highly sensitive gas phase detector and it covers solid or liquid target chemicals with attached special sampling units even in qualitative analysis and quantitative assay.




WELCON offers precision diffusion bonding technology which can be applied to micro heat exchangers, micro reactors and other applications.