Global Acceleration Hub in New York

Harnessing Japan's startup potential in the NY market!

Triggered by the financial crisis, former NYC Mayor Bloomberg's initiative led NYC to become the world's second largest startup city (after Silicon Valley). According to Crunchbase, a U.S. data company, VC investment in 2020 will be $15.5 billion, with 822 companies successfully raising funds.

The city has a large market size and an abundance of human resources. A variety of local industries are concentrated in the region, with ""hyphen tech (-tech),"" which is a growing field that links various industries such as finance, art, fasion, healthcare, and media. The geographical proximity to potential business partners is also an advantage in business development.


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Hideyuki Takahashi

Daiki Nakajima


Rising Startups is a New York and Osaka-based business and technology specialist that helps Japanese businesspeople and sole proprietors enter the U.S. market. Their vision is to help Japanese entrepreneurs and business leaders explore new business opportunities by providing their engaging community and trusted experts.

Mind the Bridge is a global open innovation platform that provides advisory services and products for corporates and startup ecosystems. It was founded in 2007 by former Googler, Marco Marinucci. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices, New York, Spain, Korea, Israel and Italy. It has been working for more than 10,000 startups, 100 corporates and accelerated 300 startups per year.