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Business Development - Investment in Japan

One of six U.S. offices, JETRO Los Angeles covers the Southwestern United States- Southern California, Colorado, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii.
The Business Development section of JETRO Los Angeles supports qualified businesses in all industries to establish an office in Japan. We offer temporary office space, comprehensive consultation, information on incentives, and connections to all the service providers you need to make your investment a success. And as a Japanese government agency, we are able to offer all these services for free.

The Japanese market is at its strongest in decades, and you can’t afford to overlook the opportunities for investment. So contact us today, and see what we can do to help.


The Technology section of JETRO Los Angeles focuses on bringing the most innovative technologies proven in Japan to the U.S. by connecting them with potential U.S. business partners, and by sharing information and Japan's experience on related technology.

We are presently focused on providing opportunities for potential U.S. businesses to connect with innovators in green technology, media, IT, medical devices, and biotechnology. In order to assist flourishing opportunities, we provide guidance in international standards, certifications, regulations, and intellectual property issues.

In order to contribute to the development of sustainable societies and vitalizing the U.S. Green Economy, programs like our Green Innovations Partnership program feature green technologies that draw upon the experience and innovation of Japanese technology.

Through strong partnerships and by introducing new innovative technologies to the U.S., the technology division works with businesses, governments, universities and individuals to collaborate and leverage our network to develop business, encourage job growth, and ensure mutual profitability in the Los Angeles area.

Export Promotion

JETRO Los Angeles Export Promotion section helps Japanese companies at the forefront of their respective industries to expand their business in the U.S. We focus on helping entertainment and food companies expand their networks and find business partners in the U.S.

We host seminars and participate in major trade shows and conferences, providing booth space at major events and coordinating with industry insiders to organize business matching with prospective business partners. In doing so, we provide an easy path for emerging Japanese companies, and local businesses with valuable partnership opportunities.

Some of the events our section regularly participates in include:
  • American Film Market (AFM)
  • Worlds of Flavor at the Culinary Institute of America
  • Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS)

Some of the events and programs our section regularly organizes include:
  • Japan Cool Contents Contribution Award (J3CAward)
  • Buyer / Producer Invitation Program

We are also in charge of updating our "Cool Japan" promotional site with local events, products, industry report and more related to Japanese entertainment and food.


The Research section of JETRO Los Angeles conducts comprehensive research on Japanese business in Southern California area. Additionally, we provide information of current development, economy, and trade in Japan to support entering into the Japanese market.

Japanese business study in US:


JETRO Los Angeles

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