1.5 Certificate on Registered Company Information & Company Seal Impression Certificate

Section One: Incorporating a Business


This section includes an overview and comparison of each business model, as well as the procedures and guidelines required to establish and register a business. 


1.1   Types of Operations in Japan (Choosing a Business Model)

1.2   Comparison of Types of Business Operations

1.3   Procedures for Registering a Business

1.4   Information Listed in the Articles of Incorporation

1.5   Certificate on Registered Company Information 

& Company Seal Impression Certificate

1.6   Notifications Required After Registration

1.7   Closure of Branch Offices or Subsidiary Companies

1.5 Certificate on Registered Company Information & Company Seal Impression Certificate

Once registration of establishment has been completed for a Japanese branch office or a subsidiary company, a certificate on registered company information can be obtained from the Legal Affairs Bureau. The certificate on registered company information is a document officially certifying a company's registered information.

The principal information to be registered for a joint-stock corporation is as follows:

  1. Corporate name
  2. Location of head office
  3. Business purposes
  4. Method of giving public notice
  5. Total number of shares to be issued
  6. Types and numbers of outstanding shares
  7. Rules on the limitation of transfer of shares
  8. Amount of capital
  9. Directors
  10. Representative directors
  11. Auditors
  12. Date of company establishment


The certificate on registered company information must ordinarily be presented whenever opening a bank account, filing notifications with administrative authorities, purchasing assets for which name registration is required (real estate, securities, vehicles, telephone lines, etc.), and concluding important agreements with business partners.


On certain occasions, the company seal impression certificate will need to be submitted along with the certificate on registered company information. The company seal impression certificate is a document publicly certifying the company seal that has been registered. This certificate is used to confirm whether or not company seals placed on applications, filings, contracts, etc., have been placed there with legitimate authorization from the company; the certificate may be obtained from the Legal Affairs Bureau after completion of establishment registration. The company seal as well as the names of the persons authorized to use the seal must be applied for registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau when applying for establishment registration. The representatives of the branch office/subsidiary company are the only parties authorized to use the company seal, and their personal seal registration certificates or signature certificates must be presented when registering the company seal.


In the event of changes to the registered information or the company seal, the prescribed modification procedures must be completed promptly. Applications for registration of changes to registered information must be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau within two weeks of the changes for subsidiary companies, and within three weeks of the changes for branch offices. 


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