JETRO’s various activities in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Sep 15, 2020

JETRO Dubai has continuously extended its support to the Japanese business community in the GCC region by providing a comprehensive information about the latest business situation during this COVID-19 pandemic. Among of these are the following:


1) Survey on Business & Operations of Japanese Companies Vol. 3 

JETRO Dubai conducted the third edition of survey for the UAE-based Japanese companies’ business and operational situations. According to the latest survey, which was conducted on mid-August, majority of the Japanese expats continued to stay in the UAE (approx. 76%, which is almost the same number from previous survey, have not sent anyone back in Japan). With the continuous health and safety protocols implemented in the country, they have evaluated positively the current situation in the UAE. Also, only 4% of the Japanese companies had laid off employees, which validates the steadiness of Japanese business and entities, although most of them have challenging outlooks on their sales for 2020.


2) Series of Webinars 

JETRO has been hosting series of webinars, inviting key experts from various fields to provide an insight of the current COVID-19 situation and outlook.


*15th June: “UAE’s Current Business Situation and Its Outlook Webinar” (Presented by: JETRO Dubai & Coordinator)

*13th July: “GCC Logistics Webinar” (Presented by: Manager of Japanese Logistics Provider)

*5th Aug: “World Economic Outlook and Finance Webinar” (Presented by: Global Analyst of Japan’s Mega Bank)

*27th Aug: “Middle East Business Situation and Outlook Webinar” (Presented by: Managing Directors of JETRO’s Middle East Offices)

*Coming up: “Middle East Geopolitics Webinar” (TBA)


êOver 1,000 Japanese business people from UAE & Middle East countries, Europe, Japan, and all over the world attended these four webinars. JETRO will continuously provide the latest information in many fields through its upcoming webinars.


3) “With and Beyond COVID-19: Business Opportunities in Japan” promotion video series 

JETRO had launched some promotion video series regarding business opportunities in Japan, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. [ *Please visit Invest in Japan section of our website ]


4) Others

JETRO continues its' COVID-19 "mail news and special web page" in providing the latest information in the region since the end of March. *Updated information is also available at JETRO Global Website (only in Japanese language).