JAPAN STREET is an online catalog site that can be viewed only by a limited number of overseas buyers who are invited by JETRO. Once you become a registered member, you can search finest Japanese products on JAPAN STREET anytime anywhere!


Why sign up?


You can search freely on our online catalogue site to find quality Japanese products from our wide range of lineups including foods, cosmetics, kitchenware, machinery, even Japanese music, films, and anime contents titles.


You can request for business meetings as many times as you need for FREE! And if you’re planning to visit Japan, we can also arrange a face-to-face meeting between you and your prospect supplier in Japan.


Based on your meeting request, Japan Street team will contact the supplier and arrange the business meeting date and time. If needed, we can also arrange an interpreter and attend the business meeting based on your requirements.


In the event of sudden schedule changes, Japan Street also provides detailed support, including rescheduling.


All services are FREE! No fee is required to sign up, send inquiries, and request online meetings. Since it is a membership-based service, registration is required.


How to join JAPAN STREET?


Email us at: info_dubai@jetro.go.jp