Business Matching Database

JETRO's business matching site "TTPP" has been reborn as the new system "JETRO e-Venue" as of January 2022. 


What is e-Venue?

JETRO e-Venue connects you with businesses around the world! It is is used by businesspeople in more than 150 countries. Get it all done online through the e-venue website; simply complete the user/business proposal registration, search, and view business proposals, and make inquiries. For Japanese users, we translate overseas business proposals into Japanese so that they can be viewed in Japanese and English.


You can register on e-venue and view business proposals FREE OF CHARGE.


Why sign-up at e-venue?

You can deliver your business proposals to the world and expand your business opportunities. You can register, update, and delete your information at any time from e-venue, so you can deliver information in a timely manner.

You can approach business proposals speedily using the chat function.

You can easily check the contact status of business proposals and JETRO event information that you are participating in from the e-venue website.

We will notify you by e-mail of newly registered projects (partner candidates) that automatically match your requested conditions as "recommended proposals". Recommended proposals for you will be displayed on the top page after logging in.


How to register? [For Overseas Non-Japanese Companies]

Enter the basic information required to become a registered user of JETRO e-venue. Please CLICK HERE to register.

You may continue to use e-venue by logging in with your “email address” and “passwords” used in TTPP.


To know more about JETRO e-venue, please check USER GUIDE Manual.