Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Seminars

JETRO Dubai from time to time represents Japan in various exhibitions and trade fairs organised by major event organisers in the region. Some of the major events participated by JETRO are:
JETRO organizes various trade fairs and exhibitions held in Japan, and we welcome the participation of foreign companies as exhibitors to promote their products and services. For an extensive trade fair database that offers comprehensive information on fairs and exhibitions held in Japan and globally, please log-on to our Online Trade Fair Database (J-messe).

JETRO Dubai also organizes seminars and forums for Japanese and local companies alike, providing business perspectives through macroeconomic briefings on specific economic issues and sectors. In some conferences, businesses matching through one-on-one meetings are also conducted.

On a larger scale, JETRO frequently organizes seminars, symposia and business meetings in Japan, covering significant business areas globally.