JETRO’s various activities in response to the pandemic of COVID-19

Jun 22, 2020

The world has been facing an unexpected and massive challenges due to pandemic of COVID-19. No one was exempted, everybody was greatly affected including Japanese businesses. Both inside and outside of Japan, majority of the businesses are largely damaged and being forced to limit their activities. Having over 70 overseas offices, we, JETRO, are trying as much as we can to support Japanese businesses all over the world.


In JETRO Dubai office, we have done various supporting activities mainly in providing timely information to the Japanese business community consisting of hundreds of companies in the GCC region. Among of these are the following:


(1) Mail News and Special Web Page

JETRO Dubai launched the COVID-19 related mail news to grasp the latest situation in the region by updating the information such as the numbers of cases and near future project, movement regulations, flight status, government supports, etc. Updated information is also available at JETRO Global Website (only in Japanese language), as well as worldwide situation:

(2) Surveys on Business & Operations of Japanese Companies

JETRO Dubai conducted surveys on Japanese companies’ business and operational situations. The surveys were conducted in March for the companies in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar; and another one in June for the companies in UAE. According to the latest survey, most of the Japanese expats stayed in the UAE (approx. 80% have not sent anyone back to Japan), as they evaluated the series of the preventive measures of UAE/Emirate government quite positively. Also, only 2% of the companies had laid off their employees, which shows the steadiness of Japanese business and entities.


(3) Webinars

On 10th June, JETRO Dubai held its first Webinar about the UAE Labor Legal Issues in COVID-19 era. Second edition about the issue will be held soon. Also, another webinar was conducted on 15th June covering the UAE’s current business situations and opportunities.


*JETRO Tokyo is also holding series of webinars for the investors and foreign affiliated companies in Japan, to share economic and industrial situations of Japan. Register HERE to participate.

(4) Online Business Matchings

Our switching to the utilization of online tools was quite quick as we held the online business meeting events in late March. When the largest contents business exhibition in Tokyo “Anime Japan” was cancelled, we have switched the business facilitation to online. Starzplay, one of the major VOD platforms in Dubai, who was invited and supposed to attend the exhibition in Tokyo; JETRO has requested them instead to have Zoom meetings with the Japanese contents creators. Both parties were very happy discussing possible business collaboration. JETRO Dubai will continue to provide business connecting opportunities by utilizing online tools.


(5) Promotion of businesses through E-Commerce platform

Nowadays, shopping online or through E-Commerce (EC) platforms has become more and more common and in-demand due to the recent and ongoing moving restrictions and so on. We are trying to launch some partnership with local EC companies to promote Japanese products through their platforms. The partnership is under discussion and hopefully soon be revealed.