Increasing participation of Japanese companies in Japan Pavilion at Arab Health 2018

Feb 05, 2018

Japan ranked the first among 80 countries according to the U.S Department of Commerce International Trade Administration’s country case studies on healthcare IT metrics. This top position reflects the facts that Japan has the third highest GDP level globally; a large Health IT market size (exceeding $1 billion); a high concentration of population clustered in urban areas; a tech-friendly society; and very good Health IT infrastructure. All these factors indicate that Health IT already has a good potential for continued growth.

Japan is representing the second largest market in the world for medical devices products behind the United States. These factors allow large potential for Japanese healthcare products to expand in the Middle East and worldwide. Japanese healthcare companies can see the potential in the region with the increasing demand of the number of companies participating in Arab Health Japan Pavilion every year.


JETRO organized Japan Pavilion in Arab Health 2018 from 29th January till 1st of February at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with 15% increase in the number of participating companies in the pavilion this year. There were 78,509 visitors during the Arab Health 2018.


Japanese medical devices are acknowledged with “high precision”, “hard to break” and “ease of use”. There were wide range of products displayed by the exhibiting companies such as physiotherapy devices, spirometers, diabetic foot therapy device, portable video endoscope system, disposable anesthesia needles, LED microscope, LED otoscope, LED headlight, among many other products that companies from the region got a chance to meet the Japanese producers when visiting Japan Pavilion in Arab Health 2018.