Japan Pavilion at the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2018

Apr 10, 2018

JETRO Dubai organized the Japan Pavilion at the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2018 (MEFCC) from 5th to 7th April 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. MEFCC was the Middle East’s biggest exhibition focused on pop culture including games, comics, anime, manga, and movies.

JETRO had participated in the event since 2017, and continued supporting it this year, featuring three amazing Japanese companies namely Pierrot, the renowned creator of the worldwide popular anime series Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul; Unifast Co., Ltd, the official retailer and manufacturer of Snow Miku; and Fujifilm that featured their latest product “Instax Camera”.


Many visitors who love Japanese anime, manga and their characters came to Japan Pavilion booths and eagerly insisted to invite more Japanese companies to come to the Middle East market.


JETRO had conducted a survey to know more about the market and its level of interest. More than 200 visitors answered the survey questionnaire; and 173 titles were gathered on the question asking them to name the title of their favorite Japanese anime and manga. Some of them answered up to 10 titles; some can’t even select one for according to them it’s too many.


Through this event, we have seen the passion and interest of the customers to Japanese artistic works, and therefore the need to support more Japanese companies to expand their business overseas.