JETRO introduces 19 Japanese Stars at GITEX Future Stars 2018

Oct 11, 2018

JETRO confirmed its largest GITEX presence to date with 19 innovative and dynamic start-ups confirmed participation for the GITEX Future Stars 2018, on 14th – 17th October, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Among the sectors to be featured at the Japan Pavilion will be artificial intelligence (AI), aerospace, internet of things (IoT), healthcare, fintech, and hospitality which together, will provide industry and business audiences with a unique glimpse into the future of space exploration, science, industry, work and personal life.

Of 19 start-ups to be showcased at the Japan Pavilion, four have been selected under J-Startup, a program launched in June 2018 by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry with a mission to foster and grow Japan’s start-up sector. Selected through the recommendation of experts, the start-ups receive intensive support measures from a number of private and public organizations.

Japan Pavilion will host ispace inc., the lunar exploration company that can develop space infrastructure.

Unipos Inc. is a Human Resources Tech firm to recognize and reward employees through offering micro peer bonuses.

Four of the participating start-ups are from AI sector: VISITS Technologies Inc. presenting “ideagram” that allows assessment of new business ideas through patented consensus-building algorithm to effectively place creative talent. Empath Inc. can identify emotion from person’s voice by analyzing multiple physical properties of the voice - joy, calm, anger and sorrow. Toyput In.c which trains the next generation of entrepreneurs by fostering children’s technical, creative and leadership abilities. Primesap Co., Ltd. presenting Trac that analyzes human’s health & fitness and provides health programs using analytical platform with IoT devices, and big data analysis.

Three companies are from the Fintech sector: Doreming is a cloud-based HR-payroll platform enables companies to pay employees, particularly those who are under or unbanked, in real time. PMCODE Co., Ltd is a next generation 2D code that allows storage of digital data in a 3-dimensional structure. Warrantee is a one-stop smartphone application for non-life insurance services.

Another two companies are from IoT sector: IDDK Co., Ltd who are developers of a new generation of smartphone-sized microscope that can be used wherever, whenever, by whomever. CONNECTEC Japan Corp has world’s first IoT Assembly Technology which can apply no heat resistant chip and adopt low cost flexible materials.

Healthcare sector is tackled by Allm Inc. dedicated to shape healthcare through launching next-generation technologies and medical communications platforms.

Spiral Inc. provides specialized drone solutions for non-GPS environment as factories & warehouses to enable robots identify their location.

Bespoke Inc. presents Bebot the interactive chat bot solution for hotel & tourism operators. mui Lab Inc. are the developers of a chic natural wood, interactive touch panel display used as a smart home/IoT interface.

Suita Electric Corporation manufactures and sells arc fusion splicers to connect optical fibers, OTDR which can measure the condition after connecting.

Kamakura Seisakusho Co., Ltd presents Coolex, industry’s first personal cooling system by cold water circulation.

Vanguard Industries Inc. an innovation firm establishing systems specialized in concept, solution, product, and experience design in various industries.

Freakout Holdings, Inc. is a global digital marketing and media business.

The Japan Pavilion at GITEX Future Stars 2018 will be located at stand B3 of New Zabeel Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre during GITEX Technology Week, 14th – 17th October.