Japanese general trading firms have always been changing business models and the importance of such a transformation for Sojitz today is accentuated by recent trends such as digitalization.


To accelerate its growth, Sojitz is focusing on open innovation and acquiring new functions through co-creation via:

- Expansion into new business areas and creating new business models through investment in startups and digital assets

- Increasing business value or productivity by implementing digital transformation (DX) in businesses both inside and outside of our group           companies.



Challenge Statement


For Sojitz to capture demand and growth in Asia’s key market, it is important to rely on local talents for their values and discernment strategically. 

Sojitz hopes to co-create with external partners to overcome the limits in internal resources, experience and flexibility in new fields like digital products and services.


This signals a change in skill sets and competencies required in the workforce, especially after COVID-19 where workflow and working styles are expected to become more diverse and fluid. To create synergy across different cultures in various countries and industries, the management of human capital (HR) has become increasingly important for Sojitz.


Sojitz hopes to utilize HR data through DX and HR Tech to achieve the following goals: 

- Creation of digital infrastructure scalable for future cross-country implementation of Strategic HR Management

- Optimization of human capital strength by aligning Person-Job Fit to synergize workforce within and across country offices

- Extraction of high performers’ traits, accelerating their training and recruitment processes


Current challenges of HR management at Sojitz:

- HR Information System: Heavy reliance on hardcopy of documents and files

- Talent Acquisition: Inability to visualize skills and competencies required for new hires 

- Learning & Development: Development and distribution of training content requires digitalization 

- Succession Planning: Lack of know-how on selection and grooming of next generation leaders in cross-cultural scenarios 

- Performance Management: Manual and subjective evaluation and appraisal process


Intellectual Property from Sojitz 


- Sojitz HR data in Singapore may be provided; Data from various countries and industries may be provided after successful Proof-Of-Concept 


Potential Partner


Any commercial entity with a user friendly system or cloud solution to the above-mentioned problems. 


Sojitz looks forward to a broad and flexible approach in data migration and data transformation to solve the challenges coming from different industries and countries where Sojitz operates in.


Important features of the HR management solution for Sojitz:

- Easy integration to existing systems and user-friendly interface

- Easy submission and maintenance of data 

- Credible benchmarks



Application Requirements


We are open to applications that match the content of the challenge statement, even if the solution is not a direct solution now.

We encourage suggestions on possible solid ideas on solutions.


There are no limitations on operation and funding size in the partners we seek, though you should display a feasible approach to

achieve the vision of collaboration.



Assets provided by the Challenge Owner


Purpose of Digital Transformation


People Analytics



Challenge Statement

Current HR System to Digital




Talent Management & HR Data




Performance Appraisal Work Flow



Learning and Development Work Flow







Sojitz will consider the opportunity to collaborate with the selected partner in a paid Pilot test with Sojitz. 

If the Pilot case is successful, the company will consider expanding its application from Singapore office to other subsidiaries in the group.






Tamura Yuji: General Manager, HRGA


He joined Sojitz Asia in July 2019, as Rotational Staff from HQ. Prior to coming to Singapore, he was in the HR Planning section,

initiated and PIC for Talent Management Program in HQ. He has successfully launched the Job Banding in HQ and a driver for change.

A strong believer in creating modern and efficient workflow. For change and challenge!




Adriel Tan: Senior Manager, HRGA


He joined Sojitz Asia in July 2015. His main responsibilities include HR Planning for Asia region and initiating changes to improve

in HR structure and workflow. He has successfully launched the HR Appraisal for the regional offices and conducted training to

emphasize the importance of appraisal. Complacency denies growth. Challenges & Change promote new ideas and stimulate





Lim Wei Lin: Assistant Manager, HRGA


She joined Sojitz Asia in Feb 2020. Her current main job responsibilities include the development and training of employees, handling

and managing the performance appraisal process, digitalization of HR processes and handling the worker’s union. 

Before she joined Sojitz Asia, she was in the healthcare industry and administered the sponsorship process of 130 staff to world-class

hospitals and institutions, thereby resulting in better clinical outcomes for patients when staff adopted and implemented best industry practices upon their return. She also achieved 75% fulfilment of overall training places in the yearly learning needs analysis exercise.