【WEB Seminar】Malaysia-Japan Water Business Seminar

Malaysia has been developing rapidly and is endowed with abundant water resources, and more investment in water infrastructure development is needed to solve urgent issues such as water shortage in Kuala Lumpur metropolitan, water pollution, and insufficient capacity of sewage treatment plants. It is expected that Japanese technologies and expertise will help meet water demand efficiently.

Considering the current state of COVID-19, this seminar will be held online (rather than in person this time.)

In the seminar, key persons from relevant government agencies will provide an overview of policies and current business situation of water and sewage sector, while Japanese companies involved in the water-related business will introduce their technologies, with the aim of developing markets for Japanese companies as well as achieving further development of Malaysia.

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Basic Info

Date November 18th ~ December 9th
Place WEB Seminar (On-demand streaming)
Content Seminar (150min.)
Malaysia-Japan Water Business Seminar
※This is a recorded webcast, so no questions will be taken at the time of viewing.
Hosted by JETRO Industry and Business Development Support Division
Co-hosted by JMC (Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment)
Fee Free



  1. Welcome remarks
    Managing Director of JETRO KUALA LUMPUR
  2. Remarks
    Kaname ARAKI
    Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission,
    Embassy of Japan in Malaysia
    Catherine Ridu
    Under Secretary, Water and Sewerage Services Division
    Ministry of Environment and Water


  1. Outline of 2025 Policy Program for Promotion of Overseas Infrastructure Systems PDF file(718KB)
    Kenji TANAKA
    Cabinet Secretariat
  2. METI’s International Cooperation Policies on Water Infrastructure DevelopmentPDF file(1.7MB)
    Sawaka TAKAZAKI
    Director for Project Coordination at the Office for Promotion of International Project,
    Infrastructure System and Water Industry,
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  3. International Cooperation in Water supplyPDF file(2.1MB)
    Toshihiro AZUMA
    Director for Water supply planning and guidance office,
    Water Supply Division, Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau,
    Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)
  4. Policy of sewerage development in Japan and International technical cooperationPDF file(1.9MB)
    Takumi OOMORI
    Chief Official for International Engineering and Planning, Sewerage International Affairs and Engineering Office, Sewerage Planning Division, Sewerage and Wastewater Management Department, Water and Disaster Management Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
  5. Our Desalination Plant BusinessPDF file(2.0MB)
    Kyoko KOBAYASHI,
    Global Management Unit, Department No.2
  6. Sewage Treatment Plants, Sludge Treatment Plants, Pipelines
    JFE Engineering Corporation
  7. METAWATER and Ceramic MembranePDF file(2.9MB)
    Imaji HAYASHI
    METAWATER Co., Ltd.
  8. Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua SolutionsPDF file(2.6MB)
    Naoko MORI
    Overseas Business Support Department
    Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.
  9. DHS System ~Quick Installation And Minimum Maintenance DHS Pilot Plant in Kota Kinabalu City, Malaysia~PDF file(3.8MB)
    Yoshihiro KIRISHIMA
    NJS Co., Ltd.
  10. POREFLON Membrane separation Wastewater Treatment System


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