Trade Support

Trade Tie-up Promotion Program

TTPP  Business Matching Database

TTPP (Trade Tie-up Promotion Program) is an online database allowing companies and individuals to search through 40.000 business proposals. It is a free service and requires only a user name and sign up.
Here are some of its key selling points:
• By registering your company information you will be able to post your own proposals and reach potential business partners in Japan and around the world.
• Direct contacts with foreign companies are made simple with the TTPP e-mail form.
• Through the automatic matching function, TTPP searches the database and informs you of the proposals matching you requirements.
• Non-Japanese proposals are translated into Japanese to facilitate contacts with Japanese users.
• No company information will be shared by JETRO to third parties. JETRO will only share information that a company permits to be shared as per the JETRO privacy policy.

Trade Fairs Information "J-Messe"

jmesse  Trade Fair Database

"J-messe," is a free database operated by JETRO, it is the ideal tool for those who wish to present or organize exhibitions or trade fairs.
To search for trade fairs and exhibitions. It is comprehensive covering trade fairs globally and not only Japan. The search feature allows users to find exhibits and shows by market sector, date, country or region.
Trade fair organizers can register their own event on this database for free and promote their trade fair or exhibition as J-Messe reaches both visitors and exhibitors from Japan and around the world.
If you register your information in English, JETRO will translate it for you for free into Japanese, for Japanese viewers

Partnership Support Targeting EU-Based Japanese Companies (managed by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation with the support of JETRO Brussels)

Presentation of the support project: When Japanese companies are investing in an EU member State, the EU member state national and regional authorities often put forward the financial incentives, the infrastructure, cheap human resources and developed business environment (i.e. sectorial clusters). However, these authorities do not always highlight the relevance of long-term support in order to provide investors with valuable “After Sales” services that could be available on an EU level.
With this project, EU-based Japanese companies will have the opportunity to find answer to their local needs in identifying and meeting potential partners and suppliers that would come not only from the region where the Japanese companies are based but also from all over the EU without any prior commitments or costs.

Objectives: The objective is to support EU-based Japanese companies in their search for relevant suppliers and partners in all the EU member states in order to:
• Assist them in sustaining their activities (business or R&D and innovation) in Europe by helping them to solve some of their operational problems linked to the identification of suitable suppliers or linked to the acquisition of relevant technologies.
• Provide them with the opportunity to find potential relevant partners or suppliers not only in the region where they are based but also in all the EU thanks to the support of the Enterprise Europe Network*.
• Give EU SMEs coming from all over the EU, the opportunity to showcase their technologies, services or products to EU-based Japanese companies.

For further details (in both English and Japanese) about the support project and its related application form please refer to the following links:
Project Details
Application Form


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