Kyoto Virtual Design Fair, February 1-9, 2021

Dec 16, 2020

One out of many B2B Jetro events is introduced from our local Kyoto office, namely “Kyoto Virtual Design Fair”. Online meetings will be arranged via the platform Event Hub and will be held from February 1-9, 2021. On this platform you can also register if you are interested in contacts with one or the other Japanese (design) company, whether or not you participate the B2B event.


You can find more information in the below three attachments:


Exhibitor Information <PDF> (3613KB)  (info on participating Japanese companies)

Site Instruction <PDF> (1718KB)  (shows how the “Virtual Design Fair” will look like)

Matching Platform User´s Guide <PDF> (1194KB)  (info on how to register to EventHub)


If you are interested in this program, please get in touch with Jetro Wien  sabine_sommer(AT)  OR  andrea_matusch(AT)  until January 15, 2021.