Information regarding the Business Licenses based on the Food Sanitation Act of Japan and Their Compliance with MoPH Notification No. 420

Jun 07, 2021

Business licenses based on the Food Sanitation Act are issued by the governmental authorities of Japan. The Government of Japan has confirmed to the Thai FDA that can be used as certificates required by MoPH Notification No.420 to import food products from Japan.


In order to obtain business licenses, premises of business operators such as manufacturers have to comply with the requirements and standards prescribed by the Food Sanitation Act of Japan, which align with the Codex General Principle of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1-1969).


The amendments of the Food Sanitation Act of Japan came into effect by 1 June 2021. The amendments of the act related to the business licenses lead to:

  • A change in the article number regarding business licenses from article 52 to article 55.
  • A change in the number of business types requiring licenses from 34 to 32 due to the reorganization of business types [ Attachment <PDF> (163KB) ].
  • A transition period in which the issued business licenses based on article 52 of the current Act will also be valid until their expiration dates.