About Us

JETRO Bangkok, JETRO's office in Bangkok established in 1959, has played a prominent role in sustaining and strengthening bilateral trade and investment between Thailand and Japan. Over the past three decades alone, JETRO Bangkok has contributed to increasing Thai exports to the Japanese market and to creating awareness of the attractiveness of the investment environment in Thailand on the part of Japan's business community. Furthermore, it has positioned itself as a major JETRO branch among some 80 JETRO overseas offices, and as a coordination center among offices located in Asia.

To further promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and Indochinese region, JETRO has designated a Senior Investment Advisor at the Phnom Penh in Cambodia to respond to inquiries from local businessmen. JETRO has also stationed its correspondent at Vientiane in Laos to coordinate trade and investment with a view to promote business between Laotian businessmen and their Japanese counterparts.