Japan Pavilion @ Franchising & Licensing Asia 2016

Event Details

Date: 13 - 15 October (Thu - Sat), 2016


13 & 14 Oct, 10:30 - 18:30

15 Oct, 10:30 - 17:30

Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center, Level 1 Hall B

Event Outline

The franchising and licensing model plays an important role in accelerating the internationalization process of the Japanese service industry. As Singapore is endowed with a developed legal system and stable investment environment, many companies have chosen to begin business operations here to gain a foothold in the Asian market, with a significant number of them leveraging on the franchising and licensing model.  


JETRO is setting up the JETRO (Japan) Pavilion with 9 participating brands and supporting these service sector enterprises in their overseas expansion. 

Please click here for our exhibitor catalogue which includes the layout of our pavilion.

Exhibitor List


Booth Company Name Products/Company Description
D04 Norino Daimaru Co.,Ltd.


NORINO DAIMARU Co,. Ltd. manufactures and sale products which represents Japanese confectionary and have the greatest talent on “daifuku,” “handmade ohagi”, and “dango.” All are delicious and are supported by a wide range of customers from children to adult and elderly.


D08 Agri Holdings, Inc.


Subsidiary Companies:

- Nihon Agri Farm produces agricultural commodities in Japan

- Mirai Shuhan promotes Sake to the world

- Samurai Food produces and retails rice balls and lunch boxes in Singapore


E02 Kings Know Inc.


Restaurant operator. Under the corporate philosophy of "bringing a smile to the table in the world", we have a mission to deliver a safe, happiness, and excitement through “food.” We are a company that feels needed from customers, colleagues, and society.



Copel Co.,Ltd.


Early childhood education. we provide early childhood education with a focus on whole brain development with a method to stimulate children’s curiosity through our various original teaching materials as well as our fun programs designed to be like a show.





In one of Japan’s largest ramen festivals "Tokyo Ramen Show", we have awarded as the best in Japan five times. There has been an increase in offers from overseas. Our ramen Toyama Black features all black soup. Ours is a one-of-a-kind ramen, even in Japan. The taste is surprisingly light but rich in flavor, as we use a rich fish-based sauce that is not overly salty.



Aichi Foods Co.,Ltd


Bento, noodle restaurant and diner operator. We have expanded our chain with a total of about 30 stores in Sapporo, Hokkaido, putting a center in bento shops, a diner, and noodle shops. We have the mission to spread the Hokkaido food to the world, and are currently actively undergoing overseas expansion.


F02 Tyrell Co.,Ltd


Soup Curry. In the 70s, the food culture of “soup curry" was established in Sapporo. The dish was popularized by our restaurant, “Soup Curry Kokoro.” We introduced a new cooking technique Japanese soup, “dashi” and French soup, “fond de veau.”.


F04 Shinsen Inc.


A famous Hokkaido Shinsen Nama Ramen store in Taiwan, “Isshin” will soon change  its name to NINJAMEN. We strive to improve our restaurant administration efficiency every day. During The 2015 IFE and FLAsia, we received franchise offers from around the world.


F08 Kaiko,Ltd


Hokkaido Ramen Kaiko” is a popular ramen restaurant. Its head office is in Hokkaido. Founded in 2001, we have gained support from our customers who are hard to please, and now have five stores in Japan and one store in Singapore. Our specialty is miso (fermented soy bean paste) ramen. We offer two choices of miso: red and white.


Organiser's Contact

"Japan Pavilion @ Singapore International Water Week 2016" is organised by JETRO as part of the 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ50) Project in Singapore.
For enquiries, please contact:
Ms. Adeline Koh (JETRO Singapore)
TEL: +65 6221-8174
Email: spr@jetro.go.jp