Application Guideline for “Fundamental Information Survey in Southeast Asia”


2 September 2016


Masaya Hasebe


Managing Director, JETRO Singapore




              JETRO Singapore is conducting the “Fundamental Information Survey in Southeast Asia” and would like to invite companies to take part in the tender for this project. All applicants should apply according to this guideline.


  1. Specification

    1. Title of the Research

      Fundamental Information Survey in Southeast Asia

    2. Number of Companies to be Awarded


    3. Detail of the Research

      Refer to the research brief

    4. Contract Period

      From the signed date to 31 December 2016


  2. Proposal Submission

    1. Obtaining Related Documents

      Please send an email to the email address mentioned in “4. Inquiry” if you require documents related to the project.

    2. Proposal Submission

      Submit one softcopy of the proposal via e-mail to the address above by 5pm on 19 September 2016.


  3. Evaluation Criteria

    Evaluation of proposal will be done extensively according to the  “Evaluation Method” and “Evaluation Criteria”.


  4. Inquiry

    JETRO Singapore

       Person-in-charge:  Naoki ABE (Mr.), Adeline KOH (Ms.)

  • Tel: +65-6221-8174