This online seminar is conducted using the video-conferencing application “ZOOM”.

Please verify the “Viewing environment requirements”, “Disclaimer” and “Terms of use” before participating.


Viewing environment requirements

To use the service, participants are required to verify beforehand that they are able to access meetings on the ZOOM website. For further details, please visit ZOOM's website:

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  • - Participants are required to verify that their device environment, Internet connection, distribution platforms etc. meet the system requirements of the “viewing environment”. Depending on the environment, video might be interrupted or halted, and normal viewing of The Content hindered. JETRO cannot answer any technical inquiries related to viewing.
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  • - The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the agreement jurisdictional court in first instance over any legal matters and the rights and obligations derived from the provision of The Services.

Terms of use

  • -The use of the information provided through The Online Seminar is made at the participants own discretion and responsibility. It is acknowledged that JETRO, the organization sponsoring The Online Seminar (hereinafter "The Sponsoring Organization") and the speakers assume no responsibility whatsoever in the event that a participant should suffer disadvantages, etc. in relation to the information provided through The Online Seminar.
  • -The speakers and The Sponsoring Organization strive so that The Content provided is as accurate as possible, however the accuracy, completeness, relevance, and currency of The Content cannot be guaranteed. The information provided in The Content should be used at the discretion of the participants. Please note that JETRO, The Sponsoring Organization and the speakers cannot assume any responsibility, should there occur any disadvantage to a participant.
  • - JETRO may discontinue the provision of The Services without notice if it deems appropriate.