MADE IN JAPAN @ "Tech Biz Expo 2011"

Jul 17, 2011

Applications Now Closed

JETRO is inviting overseas corporations to "Tech Biz Expo 2011", an annual trade show, focused on the latest component technologies, which will be held on coming October at Nagoya.
The participation fee, including travel cost from Israel, accommodation fee, interpretation and meeting arrangements, for the chosen corporations, are free of charge.

"Tech Biz Expo 2011" - The annual tradeshow of latest component technologies in the fields of materials & material processing (cutting, surface structure reforming, junction & adhesion), diagnostics, measurement and inspection tools etc, will be held on this October at Nagoya city.

Nagoya is one of the major industrial regions in Japan, which thousands of SME suppliers are located next to the worldwide brand's manufactures such Brother, NGK, Suzuki, Toyota and Yamaha.

*Further information about "Tech Biz Expo 2011" is available here:
*Further information about greater Nagoya area is available at "JETRO Nagoya" page:

JETRO will chose overseas corporations to invite for this trade show and attend to pre-arranged one-on-one meeting with highly skilled Japanese SMEs.

Outline of "MADE IN JAPAN" invitation program

Date October 19-22, 2011 (period of visit on program : Oct. 18-21)
Location Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya International Exhibition Hall)
Organizer Nagoya International Trade Fair Commission (City of Nagoya, Aichi pref. Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation, JETRO Nagoya)

Cost JETRO will cover the following expenses:
1.Roundtrip air fair
2.Transpotation fees in Japan (based on JETRO regulations)
3.Accomodation fees in Japan(based on JETRO regulations)
4.One-on-one meeting arrangements
5.Interpretation service

Qualifications / Requirements

1.Participants must be non-Japanese firms and (all of the below)
i) Corporate decision maker and distributors charged with procurement of part, components and machines in relation to materials & material processing (cutting, surface structure reforming, junction & adhesion), diagnostics, measurement and inspection tools applicable to automobiles, automotive parts, electronics, advanced materials and others.
ii) Pass the JETRO screening process.

2.Participants must be able to take part in the entire event.

How to Apply

After you have read and agreed to the "Outline" of this project, complete the "application form" and submit it, together with supplementary materials (company brochure, product literature and technical white paper), to JETRO Tel-Aviv.
The application form is attached below.
Deadline of sending the application is July 28, 2011 (Thursday).

For more information, please contact

Kei Takagi (Mr.)
JETRO Tel-Aviv

TEL: +972-3-6881739, 6882207
FAX: +972-3-5379157
Email :