Activities Assisting Japanese Companies with Their Overseas Businesses

JETRO supports the development of sales channels and the establishment of bases for small- and medium-sized Japanese enterprises (SMEs) in overseas markets. We select markets where expansion is expected due to strong demand and economic cooperation. In addition, we help streamline the activities of companies already active in those markets. To that end, we provide individual support for Japanese companies, especially for SMEs using the framework of Japan’s “Consortium for a New Export Nation.” We also facilitate business negotiations (such as at overseas trade fairs), the utilization of cross-border e-commerce, the employment of overseas business personnel, the development of frontier markets, and the use of intellectual property. We provide support in line with individual company needs, based on the stage of their overseas development, through activities such as promoting Japan’s appeal.

Assistance with overseas development through information provision

JETRO offers the information necessary for overseas business expansion by holding trade and investment consultations, briefings at overseas offices, and various seminars that spread meaningful knowhow on overseas business expansion.

Providing consistent business support domestically and oversea

JETRO offers seamless support through diverse options prepared to meet individual needs, from business planning in Japan to actually exporting and/or investing overseas.

Business-matching event on exporting to Asia

Assisting business matching with food wholesalers in France

Human-resource development support for overseas businesses

JETRO supports SMEs by securing highly skilled foreign professionals and/or by conducting in-house training for overseas business personnel.
“Open for Professionals,” a portal site to facilitate the utilization of highly skilled foreign professionals

Portal site "Open for Professionals"


Overseas e-commerce project (JAPAN MALL)

JETRO is working to expand international online sales of Japanese products, such as food, cosmetics, daily necessities, and household goods through purchase-and-sales support from major e-commerce sites overseas.

Promotion of Japan’s appeal

JETRO helps introduce the allure of Japan to the world by inviting coverage from international media and other influencers. They report on the country’s attractions, including regional products.

Assistance for SMEs to expand into frontier markets overseas

apan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum

Other programs and services