About Us

JETRO Riyadh Office is the joint representative office of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East(JCCME)To other site.

Towards building Japan-Saudi Partnership.

JETRO Riyadh Office, a semi-governmental non-profit organization, was inaugurated in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in October 1994.
Since its beginning we are working as a catalyst and dedicate our utmost efforts to promote and enhance mutual cooperation between Japan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To this end, JETRO Riyadh Office cooperates with various Ministries, Governmental organizations, Semi-Governmental organization, Private and Public sectors in Saudi Arabia and Japan to achieve its objectives.

Our main activities are:
  • Investment / Technology Transfer Promotion
    Projects/Partners findings, Missions, Investment Seminars etc.
  • Trade Promotion
    Trade inquiries, Catalog Shows, Missions etc.
  • Human Resources Development
    Training Seminars, Conferences etc.
  • Research
    Market Surveys, Market Report, Statistics etc.
  • Japan-Saudi bilateral Relations
    Business Council Joint Meeting, Conferences, Delegations etc.
  • Public Relations
    JETRO/JCCME News Letters, Activity Reports, Web sites etc.

The doors of JETRO Riyadh Office are always kept open for every business partners such as potential investors, manufacturers and traders for cooperation and assistance, so please contact us.