JETRO Karachi was established in November, 1954. It is JETRO’s second oldest office in Asia, next to Bangkok, and it is the fourth oldest office in the whole world. The first mission for JETRO Karachi was to engage in research of cotton yarn and procurement of raw cotton for Japan from Pakistan. Textile was Japan’s core industry at that time, which brought foreign currency revenue, and it was necessary to secure cotton yarn as raw material. It may be said that Japan’s economic recovery was thanks to Pakistan’s cotton yarn.

Subsequently, Japan achieved high economic growth. And as it became one of the leading economies in 1980s, Japan expanded its support to developing countries.

Since then, it has been devoted with benefiting the society of Pakistan toward mutual prosperity of Japan and Pakistan mainly by promoting trade and investment between Japan and Pakistan.

JETRO Karachi Office sets three main tasks as its main objectives, which consist of promoting two-way trade and investment, assisting economic development of Pakistan covering the improvement of investment climate, and supporting activities of Japanese companies in Pakistan including the promotion of their supporting industry.

To achieve the objectives, it conducts various activities including entertaining trade and investment inquiries for business prospects in Japan by maintaining in-house comprehensive database of Japanese manufacturers/importers as well as actively providing information on trade and investment in Pakistan to business communities in Japan. It is also supporting Pakistan’s participation at selected Japanese fairs and Exhibitions, organizing workshops and seminars in Pakistan as well as investment missions, and conducting marketing surveys on commodities having export potential in different countries of the world from Pakistan. Especially, it has been backing the supporting industry of Japanese companies in Pakistan, by dispatching long-term and short-term experts to give them technical guidance.

Recently JETRO Karachi Office attaches a great importance to the assistance of economic development in Pakistan by making constructive proposals on development projects including the human resource development projects as well as development and infrastructure related projects and complementing the efforts of the Government of Pakistan in implementing the proposed projects and policies in cooperation with the business communities such as Pakistan Japan Business Forum (PJBF) and Japan Association of Commerce and Industry (JACI).