JETRO's Regional Industry Tie-up Programme

Apr 14, 2008

JETRO’s Regional Industry Tie-up (RIT) program facilitates industry partnerships between regions in Japan and other countries.

What is RIT?
The Regional Industry Tie-up program, or RIT, promotes two-way industrial exchange and collaboration between regions in Japan and other countries, with the aim of facilitating business tie-ups to create new industries and stimulate business in participating regions. The program offers a perfect opportunity for foreign regions interested in partnering with Japanese firms, but lacking the resources or network to make such connections. JETRO utilizes its wide network in Japan and overseas to maximize the outcomes of such partnerships.

Who can participate?
Local business/industry organizations that represent the industry in the region are eligible to apply on behalf of the firms they represent. Such a grouping could consist of cluster representatives, local government, study groups and chambers of commerce and industry.

Criteria for participation:
Foreign firms wishing to build partnerships with a regional cluster in Japan must:
1. Have products, technologies and services that are already on the market, or at the final stage of development and ready for commercialization.
2. Have clear prospects that building an alliance with the region would a) facilitate the advancement of the region’s industries/technologies, b) lead to the development of original products and services, or c) lead to business tie-ups aimed at joint product/technology development, etc.
3. Have had previous contact with the region in the past and can confirm that it would be interested in partnering.

Support from JETRO:
JETRO provides varying levels of support and assistance for one to three years with the aim of facilitating a partnership between participating clusters and building business alliances and other tie-ups between them.

For more information about this programme please contact JETRO Auckland on (09) 379-7427.